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#Vanlife trip 2: Castle Ward, Tyrella Beach and the seals Co. Down

#Vanlife trip 2: Castle Ward, Tyrella Beach and the seals Co. Down

Our second van life adventure took us to Castle Ward, an epic setting for Game of Thrones (Winterfell), and wild camping or boondocking at Tyrella Beach, County Down. We also spend an afternoon working with super-fast internet and the seals at Cloghy Rocks and after more beach time at Kilclief, returned for a movie and sleep!

During this trip we stayed at Castle Ward camp site, a beautiful little organic site within walking distance to Strangford town where we had a sneaky pint of Guinness and of course, Castle Ward itself, home to Game of Thrones Winterfell and Audley’s Castle where Robb Stark’s War Camp and the Battle of Oxcros were shot.

At Castle Ward, there’s electric and water at each campervan spot and, with the exception of a dozen new glamping pods, the site hasn’t changed much in 30 years. As far as campsites go, it’s def one of our faves in Northern Ireland, although having been going there since I was 5 years old, I am a little bias! The Castle Ward tea rooms also does an awesome chai latte 😉

We also ‘wild camped’ at Tyrella Beach and Cloghy Rocks (unbelievable internet speed!) where we’d seen the seals earlier that day and after a trip to Kilclief Beach and returned for a movie and sleep.

Tyrella Beach was a pleasant surprise as we weren’t sure we’d be able to stay. Mid-week you have the place to yourself; a massive beach with epic dunes and mountain views — possibly one of the best places in Northern Ireland on a good day. The sun sets with the Mourne mountains in the background which is perfect to watch from the dunes over dinner and a bottle of wine, and in the morning it rises over the sea. When the tide is out, the flat beach seems to go on forever. Safe to say, we’ll be back.

Note to self: skimboarding is much more difficult than the kids make it look!

Note to kids: have fun, but there’s no shortage of bins — clean up yer friggin’ mess!

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