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Automated Capital EnviFX review (PAMM trading): a passive forex yielding 20-30% per month

Photo by Mirza Babic on Unsplash

Automated Capital EnviFX review (PAMM trading): a passive forex yielding 20-30% per month

Automated Capital is a managed, automatic forex trading system through an EnviFX PAMM account that has been producing an average of 20-30% per month passive income and includes automated compounding. Here, I test it out and share my experience, including a few 🤦‍♀️ moments.

Nov 2022 update:
They cocked up again. So much for improving risk management 😡 — we're out! See updates section.

Let's take a quick look before digging in.

Even taking into account the performance and management fees, Automated Capital has returned an average of 20-30% per month since February 2022. And, it's 100% passive.


Automated Capital has no monthly fee and no joining fee!

It is one of the many PAMM options offered within the EnviFX brokerage. PAMM is a form of copy-trading which I’ll go into a bit later. There is a management fee based on your balance and a performance fee based on…yes, you guessed it; performance!

The management and performance fees are very low compared to industry standards. Withdrawals are weekly, a fairly simple and reasonably fast process (yes, I tested that too!).

You'll need to register with EnviFX if you want to setup Automated Capital.

It sounds great, however…

There are risks. And I'll make you aware of those too; always be wary of anyone who glazes over or dismisses risk and only focuses on how #amazing #awesome #mindblowing something is and how you should ‘sign up now', especially for anything that has a referral reward 😉

In this article, I will share my research and thoughts regarding the risks alongside a review of my experience so you know exactly what to expect and a few mistakes to avoid if you decide to proceed and what to expect (it won’t always smell of roses!).

I’ll also link through to a step-by-step guide to get started.

You'll need to register with an EnviFX account if you want to setup Automated Capital.

Yes; the TLDR is that the overall Automated Capital opportunity (inc EnviFX) has some flags but is also looking pretty impressive based on my experience so far: very high risk, very high potential rewards. FX and trading is not for the faint-hearted – be sure to understand the risks and DYOR (do your own research) before buckling up for the ride.

Sound interesting? Let’s go…

Overview –  what this review will (and won’t!) cover

The first thing you might find confusing when looking into Automated Capital for passive income is that it is not a stand-alone platform. 

It is a PAMM account that exists within a forex brokerage; EnviFX. Your account is with Envifx, inside EnviFX you will create a ‘sub account' of sorts (a PAMM account) and that's where ‘Automated Capital' exists.

In this review I’ll share my research, experience and results with Automated Capital. ..which naturally means I need to include the brokerage, Envi FX too.

What I won’t be covering is any aspect of forex (fx) trading that is not important for you to understand. For example, I’ll give an overview of the Envifx brokerage and company but, I won’t go into all the details of what you can do with it.

The focus is on Automated Capital and only covers the things you need to know about the EnviFX brokerage…and things should be aware of.

Here is a separate link to a step-by-step ‘Getting Started’ guide and FAQ — the process is NOT intuitive if you have no experience of forex brokerages and PAMM. However, the good news is that it is really simple to follow the steps.

What is a PAMM account?

The easiest way to think about PAMM is as a type of copy-trading – you deposit funds into an ‘account' within your brokerage and give that account permission to copy someone else's trades. In return, you pay a management fee and performance fee to the PAMM account manager.

PAMM stands for ‘Percentage Allocation Money Management’ and PAMM accounts are available in some brokerages. 

You can allocate a portion of funds to a PAMM account from within your brokerage (in this case, it's within your Envi FX account) and let the PAMM account (aka Automated Capital) trade on your behalf using only the funds within that ring-fenced account.

The EnviFX website has lots of info on PAMM

Every PAMM is different and the fund or trading manager decides on various factors such as performance and management fees (in this case, Automated Capital).

As with most funds, fees are generally lower for larger account values. 

What is EnviFX?

EnviFX is a fully-featured forex brokerage established in 2020. It uses the popular MetaTrader 4, aka MT4, trading platform and is available on all devices.

You’ll need to register with Envi FX in order to join the Automated Capital PAMM – but don’t do that yet in case you make the same mistake as me!

Whilst the focus is foreign exchange (aka forex or fx), Envi also offers a small number of cryptocurrencies and a large number of CFD with “super-tight spreads” and cloud VPS for forex. As mentioned, we won’t dive into detail regarding the features of EnviFX as there are too many and it is mostly aimed at active traders…which I am not!

Note that Automated Capital only trades forex (FX) pairs within Envifx – not crypto.

Is EnviFX legit?

The domain was registered in September 2020 and brokerage launched in December 2020. Envi FX Facebook page and Twitter profile were registered in October 2020. The social profiles are not busy, but they are active. It has a small number of reviews on Forex Peace Army, MyFXbook and TrustPilot dating back to December 2020. Their support knowledge base shows most articles were written in 2021.

EnviFX has a small number of reviews on various sites.

So far, reasonably good; whilst  EnviFX is not one of the big, well-known brokerages, they are not completely new either and, they have a good 18 months under their belt.

However, ​​the company is registered in the Seychelles, and thus is not licensed or regulated. It certainly raises a red or questionable flag, however given that virtually zero crypto passive income opportunities have any regulation, lack of regulation is a risk I am very used to. It's also not uncommon for FX broker to locate in these areas…

There may be reasons EnviFX prefer not to publish as regards why they chose this ‘unregulated' route which, although gray, are semi-understandable e.g. the huge amounts of red tape involved and massive costs in forex licensing being $20-30 million for US brokers. I’m not saying it’s right, just offering up a logical reason for operating from a jurisdiction that offers a way around such huge fees and redtape…and a reason shared by incorporation law firms such as Lawrange, and why a lot of companies choose these locations.

You can find EnviFX details in the St Vincent & Grenadines Financial Services Authority website as ENVI LLC, registration number 706. Click here and search for ENVI.

Please note that the SVG jurisdiction does not issue or regulate forex licenses – some Youtubers are saying or implying Envi FX islicensed’ in SVG – they are talking rubbish; it can’t be!

Either way, operating from an unregulated jurisdiction is something you should be aware of and take into consideration during your risk-reward assessment.

On a positive note, during my registration and KYC (which is very strict!) I had a lot of contact with customer support — my fault, not theirs. More on that mistake later, however suffice to say the EnviFX support team were fast in their response via live chat.💬👍

I also received a call from a friendly guy a day after registering to see if I needed any further assistance. The call lasted less than 1 minute (I didn’t need any assistance and there was nothing ‘salesy' about the call). Whilst this, and my earlier customer support experience, does not confirm legitimacy of EnviFX, it did add confidence.

My test withdrawal was complete and in my Ledger quickly.

Finally, I did a test withdrawal and everything worked as expected. It was out and in my Ledger within hours — took just over an hour if you check the timestamps.

I have no idea if it's always this fast.

I withdrew from EnviFX on a Sunday, after requesting the withdrawal from Automated Capital PAMM…which was complete within a couple of hours (I went out for a walk after requesting the withdraw so I'm unsure exactly how long that part took).

The person who referred me has withdrawn and I’ve seen many people in the Automated Capital chat Telegram withdrawing from Envi FX without any problems (the Telegram is now read-only for announcements…however, you can search old messages. UPDATE: on 3rd October AC announced a new Telegram ‘announcements' channel – the old ‘chat' channel will be discontinued on 12th October).

Regardless, I feel it’s always worthwhile approaching anything like this with a healthy dose  of skepticism — it makes you think more about what you’re really okay with losing if everything goes pear-shaped!

How does Envi FX make money?

Similar to all exchanges and brokerages, Envi FX make money via the spreads and fees from trading activity.

The more trading activity on the platform, the more money EnviFX makes.

Can EnviFX steal my funds?

Yes. Anybody you give your funds to can steal them.

Whether or not they have a motive to do so (or not to do so!) and if they are likely to do so is what I tend to consider more!

In this case, you are giving custody of your funds to EnviFX, a brokerage. One that has existed since December 2020 but is in an unregulated jurisdiction, although it is registered with the St. Vincent and the Grenadines FSA.

As with any opportunity, you need to do your own research, assess the associated risks and only invest what you can afford to lose.

What is Automated Capital?

Automated Capital is one of many PAMM accounts you can join within EnviFX. They started in December 2021 but have only existed as a PAMM within EnviFx since February 2022.

The fund trades forex and so only operates when the markets are open, broadly speaking Monday-Friday but a bit longer due to timezones and operating globally. This is unlike crypto trading where trading can happen 24/7.

You deposit funds to the EnviFX brokerage, then allocate funds to the Automated Capital PAMM which adds to their pool and is traded on your behalf.

At time of writing, Automated Capital trades the following pairs:


You can withdraw your profits and your capital.

Withdrawals are only approved/processed from Automated Capital's PAMM on Sundays (you can then withdraw from EnviFX anytime).

Automated Capital ‘at a glance’

  • Trades: Forex
  • Minimum account size: $500 USD
  • Average return: 1-2% per day (minus fees)
    • Approx total return: 25% per month (after fees)
  • Management fee: 2.5% per month
  • Performance fee: Varies: 3.75 – 22.5%
  • Min deposit after initial deposit: $50.00
  • Minimum withdrawal: $50.00
  • Withdrawal day(s): Sunday only
  • Referral program: indirectly – via Envifx

Automated Capital results

The Automated Capital results have been pretty astounding over the past 3 months with figures being 56.02% (June), 49.23% (July) and 42.68% (August). Some crazy numbers there I’m sure you’ll agree.

However, remember there’s a month management fee of 2.5% per month (paid weekly) and a performance fee that varies to deduct from those numbers. UPDATE: now only 2%.

On average, people have generally been reporting pure profits of 20-30% in recent months (after fees) .

“That’s impossible” you might say.

I would have thought the same, however I am in another private trading pool whereby the trader pulls 25% per week using a combo of bots and humans. Not saying that makes Automated Capital legit or sustainable, just saying those figures not beyond the realms of possibility despite what most might say.

Remember: Past results are not a guarantee for future results. Every investment is a risk!

How do Automated Capital earn money?

Automated Capital earns money via the PAMM system within EnfiFX. They set up the various levels, conditions and fees, then the PAMM system within Envi FX does the calculations.

Automated Capital charges a fixed 2% per month management fee on the balance of the account, paid weekly ie. 0.625% of the balance of your account will be taken each week on Saturday.

They then operate on a profit-share (aka profit-split) basis. This is known as a Performance Fee. The performance fees vary and are currently as follows;

  • Gold (account size $500 – $4,999): 22.5% / 77.5% profit to investor
  • Platinum (account size $5,000 – $24,999): 17.5% / 82.5% profit to investor
  • VIP (account size $25,000 – $99,999): 12.5% / 87.5% profit to investor
  • VIP Diamond ($100,000 – $499,999): 10% / 90% profit to investor
  • Presidential Diamond ($500,000+) : 3.75% / 96.25% profit to investor
Rates for Automated Capital profit-split: please see EnviFx for current rates

UPDATE: in September, management fees were reduced from 2.5% per month to 2%. 🙂

All the fees and PAMM system is managed by EnviFX, the broker. Automated Capital use their system to allow you to ‘pool' into the trades.

Automated Capital fee examples

Below are examples for the fees and profits on Gold and Platinum levels…


If you have a Gold Level account and the profit that week came to $100, Automated Capital would keep $22.50 (22.5%) and you would receive $87.50 from the profit share – 77.5%.

If your total account balance was $1,000 then the management fee would be $6.25 (0.625%).

Total monthly profit share to investor: 75%


If you have a Platinum level account and the profit that week came to $1,000, Automated Capital would keep $175.00 (17.5%) and you would get $825.00 from the profit share – 82.5%.

If your total account balance was $10,000 then the management fee would be $62.50 (0.625%).

Total profit share to investor: 80%

By moving from Gold to Platinum, you are earning an extra 5% of the profits. Similarly, by moving from Platinum to VIP, you gain another extra 5% of the profit (ie. 10% more of the profit than Gold) as the split is more in your favour.

I started with Gold to test in August and intend on topping up to the $5,000 Platinum level in September to take advantage of that extra 5%.

Is Automated Capital legit?

Automated Capital is a PAMM account within a brokerage. You can see their trades within your Envi FX account via My Accounts > PAMM Investor Account > Automated Capital.

The trading account is also connected to MyFXbook and has a “verified” status for both Track Record and Trading Privileges. You can review current and past history of performance alongside other interesting stats about their trading activity here:

From myfxbook, 5th September 2022

Automated Capital really started gaining traction in July 2022, but most notably took off in August 2022.

There was a massive leap in profits June 2022

I was curious why, so I dug into Telegram and found an answer;

I found a lot of information by searching the Telegram, however I won't share all the screenshots here or this article will never end!😂

Looking at myfxbook, you can see there was a lot of experimenting in the first half of the year, with fairly high levels of drawdown.

This aligns with the conversations I searched through on Telegram.

Automated Capital drawdown from myfxbook

I have however read reports that myfxbook can be manipulated, so I looked into that a bit more…nearly all the articles I could find were old or cited old articles as their source. This post on BabyPips was most useful. 

From what I could determine everything is in order, Account History is set to private but the poster does provide rationale for why this might be. You can see history within EnviFx via My Accounts > PAMM Investor Account > Automated Capital – here you can see investment, positions, history etc.

It seems the only real way something of this level could be manipulated is with full coordination of the broker itself…which leads us back to the legitimacy of EnviFX; in essence, they would have to be working Automated Capital to produce fake trades if this were a scam.

If it is real and working, then everybody wins; the brokerage grows (earns via spreads & fees), Automated Capital earns their performance rewards (I'm guessing they also have some sort of spread/affiliate relationship with EnviFX) and you and I earn from the profit split.

Only time will tell — this one is very new for me too.

Can Automated Capital steal my funds?

No. Your funds are held by the broker, EnviFX.

What you are doing is giving the Automated Capital PAMM account permission to trade your funds and charge the agreed rates. 

It is not possible for Automated Capital to remove money from your PAMM account. They could of course fuck up lots of trades in which case your account would reduce in value.

However, they do have an ‘Equity Protector’ algo built in that will kick at 30% drawdown (now 20%!), shut down various trades and enter a recovery mode until break even when the normal algos kick back in. So far, the Equity Protector has only been hit once. UPDATE: hit again in September – see my Month 1 results.

👉How to setup Automated Capital (step-by-step)👈

The initial setup process is not intuitive for someone who has never joined a Forex broker and PAMM system.

This article became rather lengthly, so I decided ‘Getting Started' and ‘FAQs' were better placed as a separate post dedicated to more functional aspects rather than review/experience/opinion: click here for a step by step ‘getting started' guide.

If you found this article useful, I appreciate if you use my EnviFX referral link to register (it does not effect you, however I may earn a small fee via the EnviFX affiliate program) 🙏👍.

Photo by Jake Hills on Unsplash

My mistake (don't do it!)

I cover this in more detail in the step-by-step guide, but in a nutshell; when registering, I input details that did not match my ID which I later had to upload for KYC (the EnviFX KYC process is very fast and easy if you input your details correctly — Jules registered after me and it took her 2 minutes!).

Their KYC partner picked up on the mis-match and I had to go through a manual KYC process, sending selfie with a written note inc date & time.🤦‍♀️

Whilst it was lovely to speak with their support agents, it's also extremely frustrating when you just want to get started. Don't make that mistake!

Here's the full step-by-step guide:


Again, I felt ‘FAQs' were better placed in the step by step guide as it is functional information, rather than research and experience.

FAQs are at the bottom of this page:

How I discovered Automated Capital

Someone on my mailing list told me about it. I had been busy with “life stuff” recently however this month, August 2022, we were without a van and stuck in one place, so I had time to research and review new things…

The person shared very impressive results with Automated Capital and another platform, NovaTechFX, so I decided to take a closer look at both opportunities….and ultimately choose Automated Capital.

However, it doesn’t come without concerns…

My concerns about Automated Capital

After investing a fair amount of time researching, my main three concerns with investing in Automated Capital were;

  1. Is the broker, Envi FX legit? (and why choose that broker?)
  2. Are the Automated Trading results legit?
  3. Are there protections against equity and ‘blowing’ accounts?

Can I say with 100% certainty all these concerns are fully addressed?

No. But very few things in life are certain.

EnviFX registered their domain ( in September 2020 and has existed as a broker since December 2020. They have some good eviews from that time on various forex platforms, but not many. They are not regulated, however they are registered in the SVG FSA (search for ENVI). There are several understandable (if gray) reasons for operating from an unregulated jurisdiction, however it’s definitely something to be aware of as your funds are not protected…but equally, why did Automated Capital choose EnviFX as their broker instead of one that is more established &/or regulated?

The results in myfxbook for Automated Trading appear to be legit and they match the data within your EnviFX account….and, they also align with the conversations and posts in Telegram. However, there is always some doubt or ‘FUD’ due to the owners of both the Automated Capital PAMM and the EnvfiFX brokerage not having public profiles. Yet, I can also understand to some extent the reasons why.

Yes, Automated Trading has an ‘Equity Protector’ to prevent algos ‘blowing’ accounts (trading them to zero). It kicks in at 30% drawdown and has only been activated once. This information comes from their Telegram. Although I can’t verify it, I can say that the Telegram is updated regularly and daily with results — including drawdown status and losses….which do align with myfxbook….and with what we see in EnviFX dashboard.

The above 3 are the ‘concerns' that I feel are most high-risk (beyond the high risk nature of FX trading itself!).

When making your assessment, don’t only look at the potential reward — also look at the risks and consider the likelihood of various scenarios.

UPDATE: see Month 1 results (September) re the Equity Protector and the changes made.

Reasons I like Automated Capital

Here are some of the main reasons I like Automated Capital..

  • It is not a ‘platform’ with fees, packages etc.
  • It doesn't stink of MLM.
  • It is uncorrelated to crypto markets.
  • I can withdraw every week.
  • I can withdraw my full capital.
  • The profits are auto-compounding.
  • The results are amazing.
  • It is separate from the EnviFX brokerage.
  • There is a reasonable level of evidence to suggest it is legit (def room for improvement though!).

My Experience

It’s really early days for me with Automated Capital. Whilst I looked into them during August, my deposit didn’t land until Saturday 25th August and started trading Monday 27th August.

I had a bit of a rocky start with the KYC issue and my timing wasn't the best in terms of depositing; not something I could control, just pot luck…but good to be aware of.😬 Yes; unfortunate timing happens to everyone!

Update: results have been good – I added more funds in September.

My results (don't laugh!)

Okay, so I had my slow start with the EnviFX KYC which was completely my own fault. Finally I got in and made a deposit🎉…

Please take this with a sense of humour but also understand that you may experience something similar ie. most things in life are not all smooth sailing and roses — there is a reason most funds only show you end results and don't let you see the actual trades!😂

👉If you can't cope with drawdown and things not always being ‘up', Automated Capital is definitely not for you!

Week 1 results (and a withdraw)

My first few days were not pretty…

I managed to pick possibly the worst time ever to deposit; just after their best trade….and just before their worst! Missed all of that gain and gained all of that loss 🤦‍♀️.

I swear, you couldn't make it up!😬👇😂

My timing wasn't great!

Yes; my first week results were not what I had hoped to say the least!

I may be laughing now, but it wasn't that much fun at the time…especially for someone new to trading/forex and ‘drawdown'.

Take a look…

Not a great start – thankfully it gets better!

One thing to note is that that most of that red is due to drawdown / open trades. I've learned it's something you see quite frequently…which is why I suggest not looking too often!😂

If I hadn't been wanting to document my experience, ie logging in each day, I might never have noticed as you'll see what happens in week 2…

In the meantime, it gets worse…

Whilst Automated Capital is completely passive once you get setup, the setup process is a bit ‘different' than many other projects and platforms. If you've never registered with a forex broker and deposited to a PAMM it could seem quite overwhelming.

I wanted to make a Getting Started Guide'

But I had already registered and setup my account.🤔

So, I got wifey (Jules) to register and deposit, screenshoting the process as she went…

When? 31st August 2022 — just in time for her to also enjoy the worst trade ever on 1st September.😬

Yep; if yer gonna do it, do it right 🤦‍♀️ (she doesn't know — thankfully I'd told her to wait at least a week before checking in!🙈🙉🙊)

You can see Jules' screenshots and the Automated Capital setup process here:; well-worth the pain, I'm sure you'll agree!

Finally, I did a test withdraw at the end of the week just to experience the process and document how to do it.

EnviFX / Automated Capital test withdrawal

You can follow the full withdrawal process here: – my withdrawal experience was excellent and much faster than I'd expected.

Week 2 results

After my epic start, I took a few days out before checking back in.

Thankfully, all was looking good…

As we moved into week 2, things improved!


Over the coming weeks I plan to top up* reach the Platinum level for that extra 5%, but beyond that I'll not be logging in every day.

Possibly I'll check Telegram, but I'll def not be looking at the trades! (you can also see all the trades — see FAQ for details).

* Update: I did top-up — just need to adjust this article at some point!

Month 1 results

We'll that didn't go to plan!

Overall, it was excellent until 22-23rd September when their ‘equity protector’ kicked in at 30%, but only for some of the trades…others continued to fall, then eventually got closed too. I'm not sure exactly how much it fell in those 2 days, but I think it was 65% 😬. Basically, anybody who joined in August or September got slammed, myself included

What did I do? I decided to stay in…

My hope was that, first; they don't disappear, and second; they learn and adapt accordingly. A week has passed and it’s looking positive; firstly, they are still here! Secondly, they adjusted their ‘equity protector’. Since 23rd, it has been around 1.5%/day profit, with daily drawdown being less than 2% and a total of +8.8% in the final week. They have implemented zero fees for anyone who got hit to help them recover faster.


Meanwhile you can keep up with the daily and weekly results in Telegram or on MyFXBook.

UPDATE: changes have been made to the Equity Protector system. It is now 20% and pulls all trades that are hit….here's some vertbatim from Telegram:

We will be lowering all trades to much lower risk..

Less trading – less drawdown 

 1.  If Equity protector gets hit – It’s done trading for the day completely- and will close out all trades – this will avoid and more losses like what happened today ☑️

 2. We will be lowering our Equity Protector to 20% – with lower risk trades & # of trades being means lower drawdown.

 3. Until further notice – we are removing XAUUSD and GBPUSD from the system.

 4. EU has been running great profits and we will continue to run EURUSD only with lower risk☑️

 5. NO FEES WILL BE TAKEN OUT FOR A WHILE  ☑️ Performance & Management ☑️

If you’re wanting to fully close or withdraw your account on Sunday – of course it’ll be approved 

We would never deny any requests ☑️

This will take some time to fully recover the hit we took but WE WILL RECOVER. 

My plan / strategy

Assuming all goes well, my plan is to get to the $5,000+ “Platinum” level sometime in September so I can avail of the extra 5%.

I'll then ‘set and forget' for a month or two after which I will probably start withdrawing part to de-risk…my aim is to be 100% de-risked by December with a balance of $5,000+ then take partial profit every 1-2 weeks… we'll see what happens; very early days!

If you choose to play, the safest route in virtually any high-risk opportunity is to de-risk ASAP. Once you are playing with ‘house money' you can then decide what % profit to take.

Update: September 23rd kinda fecked up the plan/strategy! I remained in though & will add more frequent short updates below.

Update: November 1st: we have withdrawn almost everything. New strategy is to watch from the sidelines and if drawdown is kept low and risk managed better for a few months, maybe re-enter.


I'll use this section to provide short updates…

  • My second and third week were both really good.
  • Yes — I added more funds to upgrade my account to “Platinum” level (reduced performance fees = 5% more to me!).
  • 12th Sept: monthly management fees reduced from 2.5% to 2%.
  • 23rd Sept: massive losses. Since 21st, a drop of around 65% (see more info in my ‘Month 1 results' above).
  • 1st Oct: over past week there have been big updates to ‘Equity Protector', zero fees for anyone impacted by 23rd Sept and a total of 8.8% gain in the week.
  • 5th Oct: a new ‘announcements' Telegram channel has been created. The old ‘chat' will close on 12th October. Daily results continue to be good and drawdowns low.
  • 14th Oct: still performing well, up almost 15% this month so far and minimal daily drawdown (average <2%).
  • 01 Nov: they cocked up again towards the end of the month and finished -7.68%. We have withdrawn almost everything. May consider a re-entry if they improve risk management.

Automated Capital roundup

November 01 UPDATE: In terms of experience, there have been no problems with withdrawals (although EnviFX can be a bit OTT on security, requiring selfies with notes to process some of our withdrawals), however Automated Capital's risk management has been below par and as a result, we removed 90% of our remaining funds on 31st October. Will watch from sidelines and see what happens in coming months.

Too early to conclude anything; I've only been in since 25th August 2022. However, I like that it is funded via crypto but separate from the crypto markets. I like that whilst there is a referral/affiliate it is very “low-key” unlike others which appear to focus more on recruitment than trading.

I like that they update Telegram every day with results — even if results are bad. It would be nice to see a Discord or something that allows for more conversation within the community.

Trust me; you do not want to look in your account daily! That drawdown can get you down….especially in the first few weeks.

I do have my concerns around legitimacy due to anonymity and broker choice (Note: my experience and support interactions with EnviFX have been excellent; zero complaints — it's just why AC choose EnviFX over and above other more established brokers? — it would be good to know the reasons). And it would be nice to see some more ‘openness' both from AC and Envi in terms of people.

Maybe these concerns will be addressed as time goes on?

Either way, weighing everything up I decided to give it a go.

I hope I've given you a bit of a 😬🤦‍♀️😂 (#cringe, #facepalm, #laugh) with my Automated Capital experience. I also hope to have provided honest insight as to how things might go; i.e it's not always smooth sailing and it's not always roses 💐. It's very high risk and EnviFX, the brokerage, is not licensed or regulated….despite what Twitter, Youtube, Instawhatever influencers make out!

Check back as I'll update this at the end of September…or join the Automated Capital Telegram and watch results from the sidelines!

Meanwhile, here's my referral link for Envi FX:- any referral earnings go towards 🐶 doggie dentastix!

And here's a Getting Started Guide & FAQ for Automated Capital.

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Xeta Genesis – stablecoin passive income by Xeta Capital

This is a holding page for Xeta Genesis which is being released October 2023. It is the official version of the Xeta Black (beta) product which you can read about here:

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Xeta Black by Xeta Capital -simplified earnings using only stablecoin (USD)

Could Xeta Black, a new non-tokenized passive income opportunity from Xeta Capital be “the one”? And can you really earn (up to) 30% per month? We took the beta for a test drive in July. Lets see how it went…

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GS Partners – another passive income opportunity #DENIED

GSPartners has been shared with me several times over the past year. Here’s why I said no to this “Swiss” financial opportunity that I see as being heavily backed by referral (MLM) marketing and not having much substance.

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