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A breakdown of my monthly work and income activity – from freelance, to passive!

van life income November 2021

A breakdown of my monthly work and income activity – from freelance, to passive!

Here is an overview breakdown of my work and income activity since October 2020. I'll keep it updated each month until the end of 2021.

I started with a mix of:

  • active income (freelance/contract)  GREEN 
  • semi-passive income (websites)  BLUE 
  • passive income (books/audiobooks/POD/crypto)  YELLOW  and  PINK (crypto)

The goal is to significantly grow my passive income and by the end of 2021 have enough to reduce the necessity for ‘active income' to zero, all in pursuit of flexible life and ultimate freedom on the road!

This is just an overview – for full details of each month and a more detailed breakdown of the chart visit:

I stopped sharing income breakdown end of 2021, however I still do a monthly update of my antics, including any major purchases or culls. You can find these below and in one monthly newsletter. Sometimes I tweet too (@vanlifeincome), which is usually the fastest way to see what I'm interested in.
All monthly posts:

December 2021
This is more of a year's roundup than December alone. Covers some of my late-November “degen” plays and interesting stable option, Freeway $FWT, plans and goals for 2022 plus our first crypto-funded purchases; folding e-bikes!.
Full post:

November 2021
A month of highs, lows and crypto “rugs” – lots of dao and reflection high-risk plays (money I could afford to loose). Also a hellish month of trying to get my transactions in order for tax purposes. Again; not fun and taking so much longer than I ever imagined.
Full post:

October 2021
This month, I treated myself to some new crypto purchases, including 2 new masternodes. I had a surprise boost to audiobook sales and spent most of my time researching tax, preparing for Spain/Portugal and logging all my crypto transactions (#notfun). I also looked back at the massive change in my life from ‘this-time, last year'.
Full post:

September 2021
I hit most of my goals and paid back a large portion of my crypto loans. I took my initial out of $OHM, whilst retaining almost exactly what I initially purchased. Great successes and because of this, we're going to do part of Europe 9 months earlier than expected; Spain, Portugal and maybe south of France here we come! 🚐 β˜€οΈ
Full post:

August 2021
Similar to last month, this was primarily about building my STRONG nodes. I've done my final personal ‘investment' and am now buying more nodes with my rewards. Google Adsense banned one of my websites, so I'm even more focused on crypto now! I've almost broke-even on my OHM, bought small amount of a passive income meme coin (#shock!) and sneaked in a purchase of some coins to possibly create a new node; Sinovate $SIN.
Full post:

July 2021
Used virtually all Hyper rewards to purchase and setup STRONG nodes (again, via crypto loans – I used OKEX and then AAVE instead of HyperPay as rates were better). Set another withdrawal from Yieldnodes to do the same. Also sacrificed some of my smaller crypto holdings for Strong (COTI, ORN, DOT & LINK) and dipped into PSI and OHM. Wrote lots of content for Van Life Income. I have now withdrawn +100% of what I spent on HyperFund memberships.
Full post:

June 2021
Finished the freelance contract. #yey! Started ‘rebuying' with HyperFund rewards. Setup my first withdrawal from Yieldnodes. Found the 3rd opportunity I'd initially been seeking: $STRONG nodes. Decided to withdraw more from HyperFund and Yieldnodes to buy STRONG (via a HyperPay BitLoan because I didn't want to sell my BTC/ETH). Spent a lot of time writing and creating Van Life Income site.
Full post:

May 2021
May was similar activity to the previous few months, however this month there was a massive crypto crash; the value of literally all coins/tokens fell substantially. I was very pleased to have diversified my funds. Hyperfund and Yieldnodes both saved the day and $MATIC (a cryptocurrency called Polygon) was a rockstar.🀘
Full post:

February-April 2021
Withdrew rewards regularly from HyperFund (approx every 5 days) and used this to increase my Yieldnodes and crypto portfolio. By end of May, I'd only put around 50% in Yieldnodes compared to what I'd spent on purchasing Hyperfund memberships because I was also using Hyperfund rewards to purchase various cryptos. I was offered a an extra month or two on the freelance contract, which I accepted.
Full post:

January 2021
Took the freelance contract which enabled me to put larger sums into the 2 crypto-related opportunities. I sold two of my neglected, low-earning websites and ‘went heavy' on purchasing Hyperfund memberships at around 80%, with the remaining 20% to Yieldnodes. The primary reason was because I could withdraw faster and more regularly from Hyperfund…which I would then roll into Yieldnodes.

December 2020
We ultimately decided to buy a ‘budget van(saving 50%). I sold loads of unused stuff, prepared a couple of websites to sell and found 2 crypto-related opportunities: Hyperfund (a membership rewards program) and Yieldnodes (a server rental / profit share program). I made test deposits to each. Whilst I found several opportunities, I didn't find a 3rd that I was comfortable enough with. I was also offered a 4-month, part-time freelance contract that paid well.

Note: Having built websites, written books, designed T-shirts and many other things, I was pretty certain nothing would compete with crypto / crypto-related opportunities when it comes to effort-vs-risk-vs-reward.

November 2020
Started researching ‘passive income' opportunities, with the aim of finding 3 to diversity risk. Re. existing income – November is the best month of they year for websites and POD/books due to Christmas advertising spend and gift purchases.

October 2020
Researched van pros and cons. Started looking for a ‘Sevel' van with a max total budget of Β£15/$20K. ie approx Β£8-10K ($11-$14K) for the ‘base van'. We didn't have much luck and started considering other options.

I'll update this page and have a new post live here within the first week of the month.

If you've any questions, just ask!

For more details on each month please join my monthly newsletter: – you'll get immediate access to all the private posts. πŸ‘

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Disclaimer: As with everything on this site, this article is for informational purposes only and is not advice of any kind. I simply share my experiences and my opinions for information. I am not a financial adviser and I am not providing investment advice or financial or legal advice of any kind. Cryptocurrencies (and most business opportunities) are very high risk. Many of the opportunities I discuss exist in new, high risk and unregulated markets. Some methods require significant investment of time and/or relevant skills. Please do your own research (DYOR) and due diligence; do not blindly follow anyone!

My #1 performer since 2020 – monthly updates always added!

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