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Income Activity Journal

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June 2023: a mid-year update on our journey to freedom

Halfway through 2023 and time to touch base. Here's what we’re doing (a 10,000km road trip), what crypto we’re buying, opportunities we're investing in and an update on pre-existing ‘investments'.

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December 2022 (& a year's roundup): Just remember – no rain, no rainbows…

This is the last post for the happenings of December and 2022 – better late than never! Due to lot of things going on and not having much time to research/write, it will also be the last post until mid-2023…

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November 2022: not many updates in terms of income! A month of patience and distraction.

November was not an eventful month in terms of income (no real changes); we stayed offline a lot, planned the van and did some fasting.

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October 2022: not a pretty month! Hope as a strategy and more…

October has been one of our most uncertain, stressful…and beautiful months. In terms of projects over the past year we have had the most positive experiences with (Yieldnodes and Freeway), October has not been a pretty month…

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September 2022: updates & results from last month's opportunities + wheat🥪 + a van!🚐

This month was about wheatifying my pension, enjoying a few beers and getting a new van. Yes; we now have wheels! (almost!). Also updates on the three experiments from August.

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August 2022: a busy month – I looked at 5 passive income opportunities and more!

I reviewed and tested more ‘passive income' projects and platforms in August than in all of 2022! Here's an summary of a busy few weeks of activity and early-stage thoughts on each…

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July 2022: selling the van 😢, several updates, USDR stablecoin and 9.2% from Yieldnodes 😁

We had a shock to the system this month upon discovering we had to return our van to the UK and sell it 😔. Biggest positive surprise was 9.2% from Yieldnodes 🥳 – first time we’ve been above 9% in several months!

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June 2022: despite the crypto markets continued fall, I'm feeling positive

Last month's re-evaluation means I'm feeling rather positive, despite being ‘very down' in terms of net worth / income compared to several months ago. I'm also testing an opportunity not correlated to crypto markets and very ‘vanlife'.

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May 2022: just when we thought things couldn't get worse…

Terra Luna collapsed, Bitcoin fell below $27K and altcoins even further south…even after a crappy April. StrongBlock's deceit continued as did the crashing token price. So much for May the 4th being with us! 🤷‍♀️ There were some wins though…

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April 2022: FISC, DAG, TNGBL and amazing sunsets!

May the 4th be with you and all your holdings. God knows we need it 🤣. Let's face it; April has been a pretty crappy month for crypto. It happens. You just need to zoom out and re-assess the projects you're invested in, which is something I've done a little of this month.

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property investment as passive income

March 2022: how to go from a 3-bed house to a campervan in 6 weeks (+ POKT Network!)

March has been a crazy month. We returned to Ireland end of February and spent 6 weeks packing our house/lives into a camper van in preparation to return to Portugal full-time. Not much crypto action, but I did manage to squeeze POKT in.

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February 2022: homeward bound and passive income on the road

As we continue our travels in Portugal I've remained offline a lot this month, however you'll find a few new crypto projects in the February update, a MetaMask guide and some loveliness from the Yieldnodes team 🤗.

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Also maybe of interest...

Popping anything here that is related to my overall ‘income' activity.

2022: Plans and Goals for a life of ultimate freedom

In October 2020 we had thoughts of converting a van and going travelling. We optimised the initial plan and made ‘passive income' goals for 2021 which we smashed. Here are the goals and plan for 2022…

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future passive income pension isa

Future passive income: my pension and ISA choices (future freedom!)

With the massive returns seen from passive income in the crypto space it's easy to get excited and ignore other options and forget about risk mitigation. And whilst I suspect the better returns will come …

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