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Van & Freedom

DIY van conversion costs, travels, lifestyle & more!

Here you’ll find posts on our journey, DIY campervan conversion and how we saved money. You might also find some general rants and posts on personal development.

Basically, this is where everything that’s not solely about earning money goes…most of what will be related to vans, #vanlife and freedom lifestyle!

2022: Plans and Goals for a life of ultimate freedom

In October 2020 we had thoughts of converting a van and going travelling. We optimised the initial plan and made ‘passive income’ goals for 2021 which we smashed. Here are the goals and plan for 2022…

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Mobile internet: our wifi setup that enables us to work on the road

We opted for mobile wifi in the van with external antennas to give us the best chance of getting online, even when we visited remote …

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Our budget fridge journey: 3 affordable options for vanlife coolers

Our campervan conversion was an iterative journey during which we’ve already tried a number of refrigeration solutions. Here are the three “fridges” we’ve had over …

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Happy Holidays! 🎄One-year later: freedom & a vanlife trip begins…

It’s been one year since we started our passive income and vanlife journey and now, we’re about to (properly) live it. We’re patiently waiting at …

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Vanlife uk solar panel testing

Our budget vanlife solar panel setup

When we first got our van, we thought we might not put any solar power in it because we’d went the ‘budget’ route and thought …

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Van life security: how to protect your camper / vehicle from theft (16 tips!)

Whether it be a DIY stealth van, cute little campervan or full-blown motorhome, everyone has at least some concerns about security. In a previous post …

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Stendhal Festival – campervan / caravan site (& music!)

Thinking of going to Stendhal festival, Northern Ireland in a campervan or caravan? Here’s a few photos of the site to get you in the …

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Van security: 12 ways to keep your valuables safe while living the van life

Passports, cameras, laptops, and drones are some of the valuable items you might be taking with you on your van life adventure, especially if you’re …

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Understanding compound interest, APR and APY for debts, savings & investments

‘Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it.’ Albert Einstein Compound Interest is …

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How much does a budget DIY campervan conversion cost?

Here you’ll find a breakdown of all our costs to get on the road, including base van, legal and conversion. Our total ‘on the road’ …

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#Vanlife trip 2: Castle Ward, Tyrella Beach and the seals Co. Down

Our second van life adventure took us to Castle Ward, an epic setting for Game of Thrones (Winterfell), and wild camping or boondocking at Tyrella …

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vanlife northern ireland campervan

DIY camper van conversion – how to choose the right van and earn passive income with the savings!

We’d decided on a #vanlife adventure and we were excited. Too excited. Our initial plan was to go ‘all out’; blow all our savings (and …

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