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Automated Capital Guide – a step-by-step to getting started with EnviFX and PAMM accounts

Photo by Jake Hills on Unsplash

Automated Capital Guide – a step-by-step to getting started with EnviFX and PAMM accounts

The purpose of this article is purely to provide step-by-step instructions (with lots of pictures!) on how to get started with Automated Capital and EnviFX….plus answer some FAQs.

It does not contain any review or opinion – if you’d like to learn more before registering, read my full Automated Capital review.

Nov 2023 update: Before reading this, please see my updates within the Automated Capital post (it might save you some time!)

Before starting, I’ll share this table on the Automated Capital profit-split breakdown because this is important to know because it plays a factor in your your deposit / investment. There are no joining fees; you just get a more favourable profit-split rate if your account size is higher.

Note that these profit-splits may change. It's best to check the Telegram for updates.

UPDATE: monthly management fees are now reduced to 2%!

How to setup Automated Capital (step-by-step)

The Automated Capital PAMM account operates 100% passively. The only thing you need to do manually is withdraw or upgrade your level (more on that later).

However, because it is not a stand-alone product and exists within a brokerage, there are a number of steps to getting set up initially.

What follows are step-by-step instructions on how to setup Automated Capital, with images and videos.

1. Register for EnviFX (& don’t make this mistake!)

First, sign up to EnviFX. If somebody has referred you to this Step-by-Step article, then you should use their referral link. If you don’t have it, ask them for it.

If you don't have a referral link, please consider using mine (click here) — it does not affect you however I may earn something off of it!

The most important thing is to ensure you input the correct personal details as per your identification

Screenshots are below – alternatively, scroll down for a video.

First, input basic details.

You will receive a confirmation email.

Click the email link to confirm…you will be taken to a page to submit more details;

If you don’t input the details correctly as per your ID (eg your Date of Birth), you will NOT pass KYC and you will NOT be allowed to deposit and therefore, you can NOT get started with Automated Capital. 

You will be frustrated.

You will then need to contact Help/Support to update your details…which involves a selfie and a hand-written note.

Despite the live chat help being fast and friendly, this can be a frustrating experience when you are keen to get started. 

Been there, done that! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Yes; Envi FX is a brokerage and they require KYC.


Here's the process in video format…

1.1 Can I create an Envi FX account if I live in the United States?

Short answer:

Yes (my referrer lives in the US). 

Longer answer:

This goes back to the Seychelles thing (see “Is EnviFX legit?”) and the Envi FX disclaimer, part of which says, “This website is not directed at or intended to elicit citizens and/or residents of the USA and is not intended for…”. ie they operated in a jurisdiction that does not prevent them offering their services #gray

2. Activate 2FA security for your Envi FX account

Go to Settings and enable 2FA (2 Factor Authentication). You can choose to use the Authenticator app or SMS — the Authenticator app is much more secure than SMS.

You can change 2FA at any time, however at least one of the methods must be active for account security and for you to use EnfiFX.

3. Upload identification for KYC

You will need one of the following; Passport, Drivers License or Government-issued ID. It must be valid and in-date.

Go to KYC Verification, upload your ID and do a facial scan.

The process was very fast – my verification results arrived within minutes…

Now it's time to deposit..

4. Deposit to EnviFx

Written instructions, top tips and screenshots first. Scroll down for the video.

Go to ‘Deposit Funds’ and make the following selections;

  • Deposit Type: select a deposit method 
  • Select a wallet: choose USD – then amount 
  • Amount to deposit: input an amount

An address will then be generated for you to send funds to. Note that you will need to send the funds immediately — there is a time limit, so be prepared; have your wallet open and ready to go!

You should send funds from a wallet that you control, not from an exchange, because sometimes exchanges are slow to release your funds …and the timer may run out.

Don't let the transaction expire!

Always triple-check the address you are sending to before committing! If you are new to crypto, this post about how to send crypto safely is worth reading.

TOP TIP: If you are depositing to meet a ‘minimum’ level for profit-split (eg $500; $5,000; $25,000) using a non-stable crypto such as BTC, LTC or ETH, I recommend adding 2-3% extra to allow for currency fluctuations. If using stablecoin eg USDT, I still recommend 1-2% extra; the last thing you want is for only $4,996 to arrive in your account when you need $5,000!

We need to wait a short while for it to be approved (other methods are faster than Bitcoin).

As you can see in the screenshots, wifey deposited $520…and ended up with $522.

That’s to ensure at least $500 reaches the account incase of any sudden unfavourable price change.


Here's the process in video format…

5. Create a PAMM MT4 Investor account (within EnviFX)

For a video covering steps 5-7, scroll down. If you prefer written instructions and screenshots, keep reading!

This is the part where you create a ring-fenced account within Envi FX that you then give Automated Capital permission to trade from. 

Go to ‘My Accounts’ and create an account. Enter the following;

  • Account Type: Envi FX MT4_PAMM Investor
  • Currency: USD 

Then click ‘Create Account’. Your new PAMM investor account will be displayed below.

You will receive a confirmation email from Envi FX, ‘New MetaTrader PAMM Investor Account Created!’. This email contains most of the information I’m providing below alongside details for your PAMM account (password).

Next, you will transfer funds to it and allocate it to Automated Capital…

6. Transfer funds to your MT4 PAMM Investor account

Click on ‘Internal Transfer’. Enter the following;

  • Transfer Type: Wallet to MetaTrader.
  • Transfer From: USD wallet (your funds should be here!).
  • Transfer To: the PAMM Investor account you created in the previous step.
  • Amount to Transfer: enter the amount you want to move (probably all of it if you are only intending on using this for Automated Capital).

Click ‘Request Transfer’.

Your USD wallet balance will drop to zero while the transfer request takes place.

Some people have reported this taking up to 10 minutes to complete, however it only took a few minutes for me. Possibly the requests are queued and processed in cycles, hence the differences.

You will see the transfer appear in the History section below…

7. Join Automated Capital and select your level

Click on “My Accounts” to view your PAMM account.

After the funds have arrived in your MT4 PAMM Investor account, click on the account to open. 

If clicking on the table row does not work, you might need to scroll to the right and click on the cog icon.

Here is where you can see all the various PAMMs available in EnviFX, including Automated Capital.

  • Search or scroll down the list, find Automated Capital and click ‘Join’.

You will see a breakdown of what the PAMM offers, including costs for that level.

  • Click ‘Choose Other’ to see all the available levels.
  • Find the level that matches your investment amount.

After you have found the correct level, you need to input your PAMM credentials to invest. You will find this in the email from EnviFX with subject: ‘New MetaTrader PAMM Investor Account Created!’.

  • Username: the Account No from the email.
  • Password: the Trader Password from the email (not the investor one!).
  • Initial Investment: input the amount you want to invest.
  • Check the box to agree to the PAMM terms.
  • Click the “Invest” button.

That’s all you need to do for now – congrats! 

If you click on the History tab, you will see the status of your deposit is Pending.

Go take the dog for a walk, make some food or have a sleep. Hopefully by the time you get back, the Money Manager will have accepted your investment. EnviFX says this can take up to 24 hours, but it was less than an hour for me….and less than an hour for wifey (who kindly donated these screenshots!).

Once the deposit is approved and lands, it will automatically start trading. 🥂🕺🏿🥳🎉


Here's the process in video format…

Automated Capital FAQs

So you’re in. Now what? If you’re new to forex I’m sure you’ll have some questions. Even if you’re not, this section will help you navigate a new interface; EnviFX.

Before we start, it’s human nature to want to watch everything, follow every trade.

Don’t do this. You’re here for something passive, let it be passive.

Only check in occasionally — forex has ups and downs (drawdowns!), highs and lows. These can be uncomfortable to watch, especially at a granular level. Better to check in less frequently and see the bigger picture. That’s my 2 cents!

Where do I see my Automated Capital results?

Within the Automated Capital PAMM.

  • My Accounts > Click on the PAMM account (you might need to click the cog to the right-hand-side, depending on your browser).

Here you will see an overview of your PAMM account.

  • Click on ’Automated Capital’ to see details and trades.

Once you get here, consider bookmarking the page.

From within Automated Capital, you can see various data such as the trades themselves (Positions), historical trades (History) and options to Deposit or Withdraw.

‘History' tab

As you can see, shortly after my deposit was accepted, Automated Capital started trading my funds at a high frequency, scalping small wins (and losses!).

Help; I’m seeing negative figures! What is DD or DrawDown?

See intro to FAQ. I wasn’t joking!

It’s better to look at the weekly results as drawdown (DD) and negative trades will keep you up all night…especially during your first few days/weeks. What exactly drawdown is is too big a topic to get into here but have a read on investopedia.

How do I read the PAMM account summary?

If you're new to PAMM (and / forex trading), like I was, it does take a bit to get your head around. One thing is for sure — you need to be comfortable sitting in negative trades and seeing red!

  • Current trading interval profit: For the current interval/week.
  • Open Trades Profit: this can very often be negative. Be warned!
  • Closed Trades Profit: all trades that have been opened and are now closed.
  • Trade Results: Closed Trades Profit + Open Trades Profit.
  • Fees: self-explanatory (click the arrow for breakdown)
  • Net Deposit: everything you have deposited minus withdrawals.
  • Net Profit: Your profit so far; takes out the Fees paid AND includes Open Trades (which might be negative).
  • Balance: Net Deposit + Closed Trades + Fees
  • Funds: Balance + Open Trades (which might be negative!)

Essentially, Funds Balance is what you have right now if all trades were immediately closed. Obviously, Automated Capital work to close trades positive….but that does not mean it always happens. And not every trade closes positive!

You are much more likely to see red (negative values) in your early days / weeks because you have not built up enough profit to offset any Open Trades that may be negative.

Do Automated Capital profits auto-compound?

Yes. Automated Capital profits are automatically compounded.

E.g. if you have $1,000 and 1% profit is made ($10), you will now be trading with $1,010.

What is the minimum withdrawal from Automated Capital?

$50 (this was recently updated – information in various videos before August 2022 stating $500 and $100 minimums are inaccurate).

What is the maximum withdrawal from Automated Capital?

Whatever your funds balance is – you can withdraw it all. You will see the balance in the Withdraw popup (see next FAQ).

Remember to pay attention to whatever level you are at. E.g. if you have $6,000 in your funds balance (Platinum level) and withdraw $2,000 it will leave only $4,000…which would take you back down into the Gold level for profit split.

How to withdraw from Automated Capital PAMM account?

Withdrawals will only be processed on Sundays. This is because automated Capital reconciles the results at the end of the trading week, apply their fees on Saturday evening 8pm and then open the withdrawal window on Sunday.

The withdrawal window is: 12:01am – 11:59pm Sundays only (EASTERN TIME ZONE).

  • Wait until the withdrawal window on Sunday.
  • Visit your Automated Capital PAMM account (hopefully you’ve bookmarked this!).
  • Click the Withdraw button.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Click ‘Withdraw’.

Your withdrawal will be processed during the withdrawal window and sent to your EnviFX account.

You can see the status of your withdrawal by clicking;

  • History tab > Requests

After your withdrawal has been approved, you will see it at the top of the screen, below your account number as ‘Equity’ and the status under Requests tab will have been updated to ‘Success’.

My request was processed within a couple of hours — I'm not sure exactly how long it took as I went out for a walk! It is a manual process though, so it can take some time.

Now you can transfer into your main Envi FX account for withdrawal to your personal wallet.

This is essentially the reverse of the deposit process!

Go to Internal Transfer. Then…

  • Transfer Type: MetaTrader to Wallet.
  • Transfer From: MT4 PAMM Investor (you should see a dollar value here).
  • Transfer To: USD wallet.
  • Amount to Transfer: The amount you want to move.
  • Click: Request Transfer (then confirm the transfer)

The transfer will now appear in your History. It may take a few minutes to land in your USD wallet.

TIP: you can see all your wallets & their balances on the Envi FX dashboard.

How do I withdraw from EnviFX?

Your funds have now been withdrawn from the Automated Capital PAMM account to the broker, EnviFX. The next step is to withdraw from EnviFx;

Click Withdraw on the left-hand menu. Then…

  • Withdraw Type: choose your currency (for now only Bitcoin).
  • Select a Wallet: USD
  • Amount in USD: input amount.
  • Click: Request Withdrawal (then confirm the withdrawal)

After confirming the withdrawal, it will ask you for a Bitcoin address to send the funds to (be careful! Check it several times).

I recommend using a personal wallet address, not an exchange address.

The status of your withdrawal will appear in the table below.

It may take several hours to be processed by Envi FX and sent to the blockchain.

Mine was processed very quickly.

Not sure exactly when, but it arrived in my Ledger around 1 hour later…

Is there a referral program?

The referral program is part of the EnviFX brokerage and is similar to a lot of forex broker / crypto exchange affiliate programs whereby it pays a fee based on trading activity — basically EnviFX are giving a cut of the profit from spreads/fees on trades…

  • You earn $1.50 per ‘standard lot’ for your first level referrals and then $0.75 for those below them, to a total of 5 levels deep.
  • A standard forex ‘lot’ is 100,000 units of base currency. So 100,000 units of USD as the base currency would be $100,000.

You need to have earned a minimum of $10 USD to be paid.

It sounds like you’d need a lot (lol excuse the pun!) of trading by the people you refer to generate any sort of decent income. But who knows? Maybe Automated Capital will generate that over time?

Either way, even a few extra quid in the pot adds up — so register for the affiliate program if you plan on sharing.

  • Click on the ‘Referrals’ link in your EnviFX member area and activate your referral account. 

Your referral link will appear at the top of the page and look something like this: (my referral link — if someone else referred you, use theirs!). 

When do Automated Capital fees come out?

Every Saturday at 8pm Eastern Time.

This means if you deposit $10,000 at 7pm, you will pay the 0.625% management fee ($62.50)…however if you wait until 9pm, you won’t pay it!

How do I top-up my Automated Capital account?

This is pretty simple – just follow the same process as you did when you first deposited.

The minimum top-up amount is $50.

Similarly to initial deposits, top-up deposits need to be approved by Automated Capital and it is a manual process— so be patient. 😉

How do I upgrade my Automated Capital account?

This is a bit clunky as attain, there is a manual process involved. Upgrades can only be carried out after 8pm on Saturday and during Sundays (EASTERN TIMEZONE).

  • First, make sure you have enough $$$ in your account for the level you wish to be upgraded to.
  • Take note of your account number.
  • Go to Telegram and send a DM to Automated Capital saying;

I would like to upgrade my account [INSERT ACCOUNT NUMBER]

My current offer is [eg.GOLD]

I would like to upgrade to [eg. PLATINUM]

My account balance is [eg. $5,574]

Remember; only after 8pm on Saturday and during Sundays (Eastern Time).

What is the Automated Capital Telegram? (this is an Announcement channel created 5th October — the ‘chat' channel is being closed 12th October)

So that's it in terms of Getting Started with Automated Capital and FAQs.

Hopefully you found it helpful — feel free to share this guide 🙂

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Disclaimer: As with everything on this site, this article is for informational purposes only and is not advice of any kind. I simply share my experiences and my opinions for information. I am not a financial adviser and I am not providing investment advice or financial or legal advice of any kind. Cryptocurrencies (and most business opportunities) are very high risk. Many of the opportunities I discuss exist in new, high risk and unregulated markets. Some methods require significant investment of time and/or relevant skills. Please do your own research (DYOR) and due diligence; do not blindly follow anyone!

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