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Stendhal Festival – campervan / caravan site (& music!)

Stendhal Festival – campervan / caravan site (& music!)

Thinking of going to Stendhal festival, Northern Ireland in a campervan or caravan? Here’s a few photos of the site to get you in the mood. They’re not great because we were so excited when we got there (first live music event since COVID!) that we forgot about taking photos so I only have a few not-so-good ones. You can see why I’m also not really on Instagram 🤣

It’s always nice to have an idea of where you’re going…so here you are! Some of the best music artists we seen in July 2021 are also listed below.

As you can see, there was lots of space. The festival operated at 2,500 – 25% of it’s usual 10,000 capacity. The organisers are hoping that they will be able to host at 50% capacity in August subject to pandemic etc🤞.

For lots of proper photos, check out their Facebook page:

It’s a small world

We pulled up next to a couple of DIY campervan builds. Turned out the one next to us (white Transit) had been converted by who are based in Dundonald, Belfast – just a couple of miles from our house. Then the two girls next to that, turned out to be a couple (that big gay flag wasn’t out when we arrived). And about 30 minutes later another DIY build pulled up next to us; turns out they live 2 minutes round the corner! Weird.

Fabulous craft beer fresh from Northbound Brewery got us on the way. And yes, those white X’s were for socially distanced dancing 🤭 #dontlaugh. Much amusement was to be had jumping from one to the next.

Stendhal Music – our July 2021 faves

For their 10th anniversary, Stendhal are hosting two events. One in July and one in August. We were lucky enough to get campervan tickets for both events. With so much to see and do, we didn’t get to see all the artists we’d have liked to in July, but we did get to see LOTS.

Of those we did get to see, this rather diverse lot really stood out…

  • Kila – Irish folk & world
  • General Fiasco – indie rock
  • Amy Montgomery – singer songwriter
  • And So I Watch You From Afar – math/post rock
  • New Pagans – alt indie rock
  • Enola Gay – post punk rock
  • Durty Devz (ft Khloe) – hip hop rap

Go look em up and enjoy!

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