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My cryptocurrency portfolio – HODL crypto investments

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

My cryptocurrency portfolio – HODL crypto investments

Below is my crypto portfolio — coins and tokens that I hold. At this time, I don't tend to trade (I am interested — just haven't had the time to study and copy-trading didn't yield great results for me), however I'd expect to ‘trade' and take profits towards the end of the tax year and take advantage of capital gains tax-free allowance.

The quantity/value of what I own generally increase with market cap.

My biggest holdings are BTC, ETHMATIC and FWT (and as of May 2022, Fiscus – not launched yet).

Note: just because I hold the coins/tokens below does not mean they are all  top-quality. Some are micro-caps that have came to nothing so far, and others I maybe have a personal interest in. 

Also, this list changes; back in November 2021, I held around 30 different tokens (maybe more!). I have since consolidated a lot.

Crypto Portfolio
# Coin Price Marketcap Volume (24h) Supply Change Last 24h Price (BTC)

I also am invested in Fiscus DAO (soon to be ‘Meranti') and Tangible DAO, both of which are very new and tickers not yet available. .

Some of the above are long-term “growth” investments. Others are passive income plays.

UPDATE 2022 June: In May/June I did another clear-out and dropped a few more smaller holdings, mainly to invest more in Fiscus.

UPDATE 2022 April: I got rid of a lot of tat (worthless degen ape junk!) and even some tokens/projects I loved but had dropped in value so much I decided to consolidate for now (eg ALBT, GLCH – #sorry!). 

UPDATE 2022 January: I got my MetaMask hacked on NYE and lost some much-loved tokens such as ETH, STRONG, VXV, OHM, FTM, AVAX were stolen #Feckers.

UPDATE 2021 July: I sacrificed my LINK, DOT, ORN, COTI and most of my OCEAN to free up capital for STRONG nodes (the micro-caps were worth so little it wasn't worth the effort to sell, although maybe I should have just sold them all!).

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