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My cryptocurrency portfolio – HODL crypto investments

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

My cryptocurrency portfolio – HODL crypto investments

Below is my crypto portfolio — coins and tokens that I hold. At this time, I don’t tend to trade (I am interested — just haven’t had the time to study and copy-trading didn’t yield great results for me), however I’d expect to ‘trade’ and take profits towards the end of the tax year and take advantage of capital gains tax-free allowance.

The quantity/value of what I own generally increase with market cap.

My 3 biggest holdings by quite a long shot are BTC, ETH and MATIC. These three account for about 60% of my crypto profile.

Around 30% is in the mid-low caps the remaining 5-10% split among the tiny/micro-caps. Note: just because I hold these does not mean they are all  top-quality. Some are micro-caps that have came to nothing so far.

Crypto Portfolio
# Coin Price Marketcap Volume (24h) Supply Change Last 24h Price (BTC)

Some of these I earn a little passive income through staking and farms (mainly in and which I’ll cover in a future post. I also have a small amount of RCUBE/QBERT (pQBERT) that won’t seem to display in the chart above.

For the most part, my various cryptos are longer-term investments that will provide future passive income via asset disposal and be subject to capital gains tax (CGT), for which we get a decent free annual allowance here in the UK.

My Strong have all been ‘invested’ in Strong nodes and I’m currently ‘compounding’ these by creating new nodes. You can read more on how to create passive income from Strong nodes here.

UPDATE: In July I sacrificed my LINK, DOT, ORN, COTI and most of my OCEAN to free up capital for STRONG nodes (the micro-caps were worth so little it wasn’t worth the effort to sell, although maybe I should have just sold them all!).

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