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Passive Income Reddit: Best subreddits and communities to join

Reddit passive income
Photo by Matt Refghi, Flickr

Passive Income Reddit: Best subreddits and communities to join

There are lots of Reddit communities (aka ‘subreddits’) that discuss passive income. If you’re not on Reddit and are interested in financial freedom, passive income and FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) I suggest you take a look at some of these communities and have a browse.

Why? Because there are more and more opportunities becoming available and there are many people on Reddit who have ideas or experiences in different passive income streams beyond what you will find here.

You do not need to register with Reddit unless you wish to participate in the community, however I suggest you do as the app is extremely easy to use and you’ll receive a stream of recent posts from the subreddits you join.

What is a SubReddit?

Reddit is a a collection of communities that look like discussion forums. Each community is called a ‘subreddit’ and will have an address starting with eg. is a Van Life community. There are thousands of Reddit communities covering every imaginable niche. Each is independent and will have its own rules.

Top 5 Passive Income Reddit Subreddits

These are my best Reddits for passive income. Each has many tips on how to make money and become financially independent.

As you can see, a couple of these Reddit communities are dedicated to passive income, whilst others are more general. I encourage you to check them out before looking for any other subreddits. Remember to be cautious of scams – don’t just download something a randomer has suggested online; do your due diligence!

NOTE: There are lots of crypto-related subreddits that suggest passive income opportunities, however be cautious; there are many ‘pump and dump’ crypto scams. Unless you are very experienced in crypto, I would avoid these Reddit groups.

Also take a read over my post ‘How to avoid getting scammed in crypto‘ – most of the tips I provide are equally useful to avoid being scammed generally online, even outside of crypto.

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