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HyperFund: my passive experience with the Hyper Community & Hyper Rewards

HyperFund review - van life income Hyper Fund

HyperFund: my passive experience with the Hyper Community & Hyper Rewards

As far as opportunities go, HyperFund is currently my #1. The reason: There’s nothing else that really comes close to HyperFund in terms of potential, even if you have very little funds. It’s also simple to join and you don’t need any specialist knowledge in crypto or blockchain.

The ability to withdraw rewards DAILY is one of the benefits I really like about this opportunity (I have been withdrawing regularly since December 2020).

And, it gives you the opportunity to help others 🙂

Note that HyperFund is a private membership rewards program (think Airline Rewards, American Express rewards – with rewards given in digital currency that can be exchanged for crypto). To become a member, you need an invite, aka a ‘sponsor’, to participate. If you are interested, I’d love you to be your sponsor and show you how to get the most out of this amazing opportunity – enter your email below to receive details and your invitation.

Get your HyperFund invite

What is HyperFund?

HyperFund is a membership rewards program (think similar to American Express or airline rewards) that provides passive rewards of 3X of the value of your purchased membership(s) at a rate of 0.5% per day and offers various other benefits.

It is backed by the HyperTech Group, a multi-billion dollar group of companies with headquarters all over the world that have been in blockchain technology since 2014 and have a collective market valuation of over $10 Billion.

HyperFund has been operating as part of the group since 2019 and aims to build the biggest blockchain alliance, with a community of 30,000 members and a listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange via a $300 billion IPO by 2023.

Below you’ll find lots about my personal experience. If you prefer to see a slick landing page visit:

If your end up becoming a member through me, you will also be able to get a HyperFund landing page like the one above 😉.

I’d strongly recommend watching the video below to get an overview of the company and Hyperfund.

My Hyperfund experience:

I joined Hyperfund in December 2020, however I’ll use Jan-May 2021 timeframe to demonstrate because at the time of writing, these are the ‘full months’ I have been a member. I’ll also use $5,000 membership purchase, because this is 50% of what I saved converting the van (there is a post on Yieldnodes for the other 50%). Read more on the van conversion and how I made savings here.

Note that these are not my personal rewards as I can only discuss and share specifics privately.

Firstly, the membership system uses HU aka ‘HyperUnits’ to reward members. 1USD = 1HU.

Your rewards can be either (1) redeemed and converted to digital currency and withdrawn or (2) used to rebuy memberships within the platform, thereby increasing the rewards generated.

A 3X membership released at 0.5% daily, the math for a 5,000HU membership (returns 15,000) works out as follows IF you ‘rebuy’ memberships every time you have 50HU rewards (ie. initially every 2 days)…

Hyper Rewards release

Rewards being
Rewards Pending
Month > Start End Start End
January 25 28 15,000 16,470
February 28 33 16,470 18,380
March 33 38 18,380 20,450
April 38 45 20,450 23,000
May 45 52 23,000 26,000

Pending rewards are released at the rate of 0.5% per day of the initial membership purchase price (not 0.5% of the 3X value!).

The release is daily and you have the option to exchange to cryptocurrency and withdraw or rebuy when 50HU is accumulated.

The above table assumes you ‘rebuy’ every time you have 50HU in rewards. In this scenario, you would initially be able to rebuy every 2 days (0.5% x 5,000 = 25 per day)….and things move even faster once you hit the 50HU per day as you can rebuy (or withdraw) every day.

Following this example/strategy, you’d be able to rebuy every day by the end of month 5.

One of several things that sets Hyperfund apart from other opportunities is that the rewards are distributed DAILY and can be withdrawn immediately (once greater than 50HU). This is different from most other programs whereby distribution is eg. monthly and the withdrawal process longer.

This daily distribution gives you the opportunity to ‘rebuy’ frequently and grow faster — it also means you can withdraw more quickly too; because all you require is 50+ HU of released rewards to withdraw.

Get your HyperFund invite

More about Hyperfund…

As I said, the above example was illustrative. What I actually did was a little different and I can’t share it all here, nor am I permitted to share it publicly due to compliance (yes, HyperFund are one of the few crypto-based opportunities that have a compliance department – contact me for details).

If you pop your email above, I can share more details with you privately, send you an invite and you can also ask me any questions.

However, I can provide you with some further information on Hyperfund.

Hyperfund is a community membership program and you need an invite from a sponsor to join. The person who referred me is someone from the #vanlife community, and I’m very grateful to that person 🙂

Having a good sponsor makes a big difference…

What I did not realise when I registered and became a member, is that having a good sponsor can make a massive difference to what you get out of Hyperfund. I just got lucky. 

Your ‘sponsor’ is the person who gives you their invite code.

They are the person who should guide you and help answer any questions, support you and get you off to a good start. Very often ‘bad sponsors’ are people who share referral links publicly (which is against HyperFund compliance T&Cs) in an effort purely to gain registrations and self-profit.

A good sponsor is someone who will assist you with your goals and provide genuine information from their first-hand experience.

My passive history

Since joining in December 2020, I have been a completely ‘passive’ member until now (mid-June 2021). One of the reasons is that I’ve been busy over the past few months reducing contract work, tying up loose ends and ‘finishing’ #cough the van conversion.

I wanted to wait until I had time to ensure I would be a ‘good sponsor’ and genuinely be able to help and assist any person I share the opportunity with.

Until now, the only activities I carried out from mid-December to mid-June were deposit, rebuy and withdraw.

I did not refer anyone during that time. And yet I have already gained sooo much 🙂

There are many strategies on how to use your HyperFund memberships. My personal strategy was different to simply rebuying; let’s just say, I’ve done a LOT of withdrawals and a lot of rebuys!

There are ways you can significantly improve the results I’ve shown you in the table above and accelerate the return of your rewards by structuring accounts and remaining completely ‘passive’, or by becoming an ‘active’ community member and ‘sponsor’ (i.e. inviting others and showing them the ropes)….or by doing both!

Is this the opportunity of a lifetime?

I genuinely think so. I’ve invested time and money in so many things over the past 20 years; from developing online businesses and buying rental property to writing books, selling print on demand and contracting/freelancing.

When I assess everything, in terms of time, money, effort and stress, alongside opportunity, nothing comes close to Hyperfund.

HyperFund returns passive VanLife Income

Hyperfund FAQ

Most of these questions are answered in the presentation video, however if you prefer to read, here’s some FAQs…

What are HyperFund Rewards?

When you deposit into HyperFund, you purchase membership packages that pay back 2-3X the value at a rate of 0.5-1% per day in HU – aka ‘Hyperfund Rewards’.

These can then be swapped for cryptocurrency (1HU=1USD), withdrawn from Hyperfund and traded on an exchange into other major coins such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, or a stablecoin, such as Tether, USDT. A ‘stablecoin’ is one that is pegged against something – the most common ‘pegging’ is against the USD. eg 1 USDT = 1USD.

Since I joined in December 2020, the packages available have been 3X and released at 0.5% per day.

What is the minimum deposit on HyperFund?

There is no minimum deposit, however the smallest membership package available is $300 USD. This is equal to approximately 250EUR or 210GBP. 

Do I have to refer people to HyperFund?

No. You do NOT need to refer anybody to get your rewards. I did not refer anyone during my first 5 months and I have been enjoying withdrawing my rewards consistently (I did apply a passive strategy though to improve my rewards which I can share with you).

Put simply, if you did absolutely nothing (no rebuys, no referrals) at 3X and 0.5% per day, it would take 200 days to return the value of your original package purchase price (0.5% x 200 days = 100%). The remainder of the rewards then continue to be released until the full value is released. 

Note that rewards are released DAILY so you don’t have to wait long before you can start withdrawing (or rebuying).

Is Hyperfund safe?

Like any opportunity, there is risk involved. Anywhere you place your funds that is outside of your control carries risk. Even funds in your own wallet can be at risk if you are not careful.

You should always carry out due diligence (I can provide you with a due diligence pack to get you started), assess the risk-reward and make the decision yourself. The founders have significant background and experience in the industry and blockchain technology.

Is HyperFund affected by the crypto ‘bull run’?

In recent months (around December 2020 to April 2021) crypto has exploded in growth, this is known as a ‘bull run’. Is this ‘bull run’ the reason HyperFund are delivering and will it stop when the bull run settles down?

There has not been any evidence to suggest this: Hyperfund has been delivering their rewards since 2019 and right through 2020, during a time when crypto was fairly flat in terms of growth and when Bitcoin even hit one of it’s ‘all time lows’ in recent years of less than $5,000USD in March 2020. 

During this time ie. when Bitcoin was worth about 10% of the value it is at time of writing, Hyperfund still delivered. 

UPDATE: it’s 24th July 2021 now & crypto has had a very bad few months – Bitcoin fell by 50% (aka a ‘crash’ or ‘bear run’). HyperFund rewards have NOT been effected – they continue as before 😀.

What is HyperTech Group?

HyperFund was established in 2019 by the HyperTech Group. This group consists of industry-leading companies that work with Fortune 500 companies and governments around the world, including Collinstar (est 2015), HCash (2017) and Blockchain Global (2014).

Together, they have invested in and incubated some of the most successful blockchain companies in the world and own more than 40 world class crypto exchanges and over 6 years, have built a collective market valuation of over $10 Billion.

Links to HyperTech Group companies

How trustworthy is Hyperfund?

I won’t go into too much detail here as I can send you a complete due diligence pack, however my personal experience is that they are trustworthy and the HyperTech Group have a much bigger long term goal of building the biggest blockchain alliance, with 30,000 community members and a listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange via a $300 billion IPO in 2023.

The primary founder, Ryan Xu, is heavily featured in The Next Blockchain documentary series (available on Amazon Prime). It’s a fairly long series and I do recommend watching it if you’re interested in gaining some insight to blockchain/crypto. As someone who has been a part of crypto since the beginning (ie since Bitcoin!), Ryan features throughout, however it is Episode 6 where he features heavily as one of ‘The Players’. This episode is currently also available on Youtube: 

In recent months they have also brought on a compliance officer and have a compliance department. This is due to the explosion in growth HyperFund have experienced and the need to ensure members (such as myself) are not saying something incorrect about HyperFund, no matter how excited we are! One of the main compliance ‘issues’ is members using investment language – Hyperfund is NOT a financial services company and thus, to comply with regulatory requirements globally, certain language should not be used to describe it, even if it seems more intuitive.

Hyperfund does not currently have a TrustPilot and there is a company with the same name, which is a little confusing eg here’s one profile and here’s another (it seems that most of the recent reviews on both profiles are for ‘our’ HyperFund). Personally, I’d like to see Hyperfund claim a Trustpilot profile so viewers can differentiate between the two companies and Hyperfund can respond to reviews or flag spam — take a look at the links above; you’ll find hundreds of awesome Hyperfund TrustPilot reviews.

They also do not have any official social media profiles, however I’ve heard that this will soon change in attempt to quash any fake or misleading profiles and aid compliance.

How do I deposit on Hyperfund?

Everything is pegged to the USD and deposits are made in Tether, aka USDT. Then all internal transactions within the system are in HU. 1 USD = 1 USDT = 1 HU. 

Tether is one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies and can easily be acquired in popular exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance and OKex, alongside various apps.

I can show you the most economical methods and exchanges based on your country.

If you are new to crypto transactions (and even if you are experienced!) I recommend you send a small sum for your first transaction eg 5 USDT (so you are confident in the process and that the deposit address being used is correct). I can also help you choose the right network so the fees are almost zero.

Can I buy more than one membership package?

Yes – once you have an account, you can buy as many memberships as you wish.

Also, there are special 50HU ‘rebuy’ membership packages that are only available to purchase with rewards. These rebuy packages are great as it doesn’t take long to build up 50HU in rewards 🙂 

Are there any other fees?

The only fee charged by Hyperfund is 3HU when you convert your HU rewards to crypto. This is a flat fee and does not change no matter how much you convert in one go.

When you withdraw, there is a network fee – this fee is NOT charged by Hyperfund, it is a fluctuating global cryptocurrency network fee and changes based on Ethereum network congestion globally. I won’t go into detail here but can provide you with tips and tactics on best times etc to withdraw and how this might change in the future. 

I have been withdrawing 1-2 times per week since December 2020 and have paid anything from $2-20 in network fees (mainly $2-5…there was a month or so when Ethereum fees were very high). You can see the network fees before you withdraw, so if it’s too expensive, just wait and come back later.

How quickly can I withdraw from Hyperfund?

Rewards are released DAILY in HU and anytime you have 50HU or more, you can withdraw. This is one of the major advantages of Hyperfund – how quickly they allow you to start withdrawing. 

Depending on the day and time of day that you initiate the withdrawal, it takes 12-48 hours to arrive in your exchange or wallet (in my experience it’s mostly been 24 hours).

How do I withdraw on Hyperfund

The process to exchange your HU rewards for a cryptocurrency in the HyperTech ecosystem (during my time with HyperFund this has always been the MOF coin – Molecular Future Fund) and then withdraw that crypto to a wallet or exchange.

Withdrawing is basically a 1,2,3 process.

Most people withdraw to an exchange and then swap/trade the crypto for one of the major crypto coins eg Bitcoin or Ethereum or a ‘stablecoin’ such as Tether, USDT.

To get the money out of the exchange to your bank account, the process depends on the exchange you use e.g. with Coinbase, your bank account is linked and the process is very simple.

I have been withdrawing regularly, once or twice per week since December 2020, and so can assist you with my experience on the best times and amounts to withdraw alongside the exchanges I use. 

Full detailed live (Zoom) and recorded video training is also provided by Hyperfund – I encourage you to join the live sessions.

What are the Hyperfund tax implications?

I’m not sure yet, however I will be speaking to a crypto tax professional as I made quite a lot of withdrawals during the 2020-2021 tax year (I’m in the UK and pay UK tax to HMRC, so tax year runs April-April). I’m hopeful they will be seen as capital gains tax so I can make use of the UK’s generous CGT allowance. We’ll see #fingerscrossed🤞.

For tracking my portfolio and crypto tax I’ve been using Cointracking since 2018. It’s not as pretty as some of the new tools, however it’s fast and works really well. If you use this link, you’ll get 10% off (you also get quite a large free allowance).

How do I track my Hyperfund rewards for tax purposes?

Please bear in mind, I have not yet spoken to a tax professional. This is just for my own tracking and I hope it will help when it comes to sorting out my tax.

First, I set up a Hyperfund ‘wallet/exchange’ in Cointracking, into which I placed all my USDT deposits.

I then register my trades (a ‘trade’ is when I exchange HU for MOF within Hyperfund) and my withdrawals. I totally ignore the ‘HU’ aspect because USDT and HU are essentially the same thing in terms of value. 

This is what it looks like in my Cointracking account;

Screenshot from Cointracking crypto tax software

At least by doing this (tracking!), I will be able to show figures that are fairly simple to understand to an accountant.

Obviously, the Hyperfund wallet/exchange (that I setup for tracking purposes in CoinTracking) will eventually show a negative USDT balance because (at a basic/simple level) there would be 1 USDT going in and 3 USDT coming out.

For now, I just log them as deposits, trades (ie ‘exchange’ within Hyperfund app) and withdrawals.

Again, I’m hoping an accountant can advise how these Hyperfund rewards should treated. eg should anything that is withdrawn above the initial deposit be treated as airdrops, other rewards? I have my 🤞 that they will be subject to CGT (Capital Gains Tax) rather than income tax. 

How does HyperFund make money?

The first thing to note is that HyperFund is just one part of something much larger; the HyperTech Group. They are large scale crypto miners (mining millions per day in popular crypto such as Bitcoin), incubate projects, move markets (aka ‘crypto whales’), develop cryptocurrencies (eg MOF), have financial services Hyper BC bank (inc HyperPay wallet and cards) and make millions from transactions on their exchanges.

So with the millions they are generating daily, they can afford to pay 0.5-1% per day on your membership package up to the 2-3X value (yes folks, it’s not paid forever; it’s to the sum of 2-3X your package!).

Check out the informational video here: – also, if I become your sponsor and you wish to become a community builder, I can arrange to get you a page just like that one – a bonus as not all sponsors offer this 🙂

What is the website? is an independent group/team of HyperFund members that provides a compliant landing page and other materials available to those within it’s team in order to help them learn and grow.

The vanlifeincome page is – it’s easy to share and has all the information in one place. There is also additional member information after you are registered eg how to deposit, withdraw, how to join live webinars etc. 

Is there any support?

Yes. There is  support message feature built in to HyperFund and lots of free training available (see below).

They have an extremely active ‘Hyper Community’ (a support/community group made up of HyperFund members) and there is 24/7 HyperFund support on Telegram — questions are often answered within seconds.

Does HyperFund provide any training?

Yes. Lots! And given Blockchain Global and their commitment to the non-profit Blockchain Centre education, it’s not surprising.

When you become a member you’ll get access to the Mars Academy – lots of short training videos on blockchain and cryptocurrency. This is educational material on blockchain in general and is not specifically related to Hyperfund. It is intended for general education and is free to anyone who registers, even if they have not yet purchased a membership.

Furthermore, there are daily live trainings over Zoom which are regularly recorded and made available for you to watch at your convenience.

Some of these trainings are specific for HyperFund (eg how to deposit, withdraw etc) whilst others are more generally applicable eg. an intro to how to use Binance, or OKex or other exchanges.

There are various timezones and languages to choose from for each training session.

Does HyperFund offer an affiliate / referral programme?

Yes! Like most softwares, systems and online products, HyperFund has a referral program, however it’s NOT your typical commission-based affiliate program, and it should be noted that HyperFund NEVER pays any commissions or bonuses.

What Hyperfund offer in terms of referral/affiliate is a MLM community building system that provides HyperDrive ‘accelerated rewards’ for introducing new members to HyperFund.

It’s something unique that I’ve never seen before.

Essentially, HyperFund will release YOUR rewards faster – these are the same rewards that they are already being released to YOU at a rate of 0.5% per day. They just release them faster,  based on the people you refer. The benefits are ‘multi-level’ (hence the MLM term – Multi-Level Marketing), so you can also gain accelerated rewards from people several levels below you (up to 20 levels!). 

The important thing to ‘get’ is that this is NOT commission; they don’t give you anything extra, nor do they take rewards from anyone else – they just give you yours faster. Much faster.


Yeah, it takes a bit to get your head around so I won’t cover it in too much detail here. The presentation video provides a pretty good overview (fast forward to the end) and there are other presentations I can share with more detail.

The other really important thing to note, especially if you are skeptical like myself, is that you do NOT have to participate in any referral/marketing aspect to receive your rewards. When I first seen the ‘MLM’ aspect, it was the thing that put me off until I understood it (ie it is NOT commission/bonus, you are NOT taking rewards from anybody else). Despite knowing this, I did not participate in any referral aspect during my first 5-6 months and have been getting my rewards every day 🙂

What are the HyperFund community / accelerated rewards?

As I said, there are presentations I can share that do a much better job of explaining. However I do want to; (1) give you some idea of the potential and (2) ensure you understand where these ‘bonus’ rewards come from and that they are not commissions — they are an acceleration in the delivery of your own rewards.

It’s kinda genius.

The potential is huge as your rewards can be HyperDrive-accelerated up to 20 levels deep. The first level gives 20% acceleration of whatever that person’s rewards are. You’ll get 15% from the level below them, 10% if there’s someone below that…and so it continues with the percentage decreasing as the levels go deeper. There are some other rules which I won’t detail here, but you get the picture.

Remember, these are an acceleration of receiving YOUR OWN rewards. Not commission. Not coming out of anybody else’s rewards!

Can you share an example of HyperFund accelerated rewards?

The video probably does a better job, but I’ll give it a go…

Let’s say you are receiving 100HU per day directly in rewards from packages and you decide to ‘share the love’ and invite some friends… 

If you have one person directly below you (ie. your ‘Level 1’) you would gain an acceleration equivalent to 20% of their rewards

eg. if their rewards were also 100HU per day, your daily acceleration from them would be 20HU (20% of 100HU). If you have 2 people directly below you, both getting 100HU in rewards per day, you would receive 20+20=40HU daily acceleration in release of your rewards.

So instead of that 100HU being released per day, you’d be getting 140HU released per day. 

Let’s say those people also have someone below them (ie your ‘Level 2’) and they are also getting 100HU daily in your rewards, then you would ALSO gain 15% equivalent acceleration based on their daily rewards ie. 20 from each of the 2 people on your Level 1 and 15 from each of the 2 people on your Level 2 = 60HU in accelerated rewards….so 160HU per day acceleration!

Put simply; referring people to the community can MASSIVELY speed up the release of your rewards. 

For comparison; at 0.5% per day, doing nothing (no rebuys etc) it would take 200 days to release rewards equivalent to your initial purchase price (0.5% x 200 days = 100%). 

By referring, there is potential to cut by half or reduce it down to even to just a few weeks/days!! 

Imagine purchasing a 1,000HU membership (releases 3,000HU) and having that all returned to you in just a week, and the remaining 2,000HU a couple of weeks later. Crazy!

Where do HyperFund accelerated rewards come from?

Some of you are going to find this very repetitive, but it’s really important to understand as regards the MLM aspect of HyperFund, and HyperFund’s sustainability…

One of the aspects people do not grasp immediately is that the accelerated rewards generated when you refer people are simply an acceleration in the release of the rewards pending to you. Some people assume these rewards are commissions being generated from thin air and jump to the conclusion that HyperFund is some sort of MLM ponzi scam. They’re not and it’s not.

Let me repeat myself (again!): These community referral rewards are an acceleration in the release from YOUR own package. You will always receive whatever the package states….it’s just that the HyperDrive accelerated rewards give you the opportunity to receive it MUCH faster.

And there’s more…

Believe it or not, there is actually even more to their referral plan. But it’s way too much to get into here. 

All I can say is that to begin, I did not participate in community building for more than 5 months (other than referring myself and structuring accounts so I could squeeze a little more % out!) and I am VERY happy.

If you’re interested, I’d suggest checking out the system first, watching a few presentations that I can share and maybe even having a chat.

It is much better to experience it first, then, after you have seen it working, consider the referrals / community building aspects.

What are the negatives to HyperFund?

Aside from risk, which is present in all opportunities and you need to carry out your own due diligence and make that assessment yourself, there are a few ‘quirks’ with HyperFund that could be improved (and in fairness, improvements are regularly being made).

The app / web app (I only use the ‘web’ version) could be improved to provide a better user experience (UX). It’s not awful by any means, but there is certainly room for improvement and certainly in January/February there were glitches that caused confusion, especially for new users.

Top tip: use a gmail email address to register and only use the web version (NOT the  Android or iOS app!). 

One of HyperFund’s major positives can also be a negative; the rewards offered and in particular the amazing community ‘MLM-style’ referral program can seem too good to be true. I know only too well as I’m a skeptical (Northern) Irish gal.

Any other awesome things about HyperFund?

Yep; There are other random bonuses sometimes offered. For example, in December I got a HCash bonus and in January, POLS (both are cryptocurrencies).

The education on offer is priceless – from general blockchain intros to Hyperfund-specific training, to leadership training and technical training on major exchanges such as Binance. All of this is free to anyone who registers, even if they do not purchase a membership.

They’re looking to build a community of 30 million members and put HyperTech Group on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (or one of the major stock exchanges) in 2023 which means lots of potential for future involvement and maybe even shares in the public company.

You can be as passive or active as you like and you can keep it really simple or come up with any number of strategies to grow faster. For example, you can be completely 100% passive and do nothing until you withdraw, you can invest a minute or two every few days and rebuy, you can refer a few people or more and change your life. It’s entirely up to you.

Whilst at times it can seem a bit overwhelming and things are not perfect (eg I mentioned the UX previously), they do seem genuine. For example, in February they carried out a migration and there were a few issues. The management team decided to increase the daily rewards being released from 0.5% to 0.7% for a period of time as a means of appreciation to the community for patience and understanding.

I’d really recommend watching Episode 6 of The Next Blockchain with Ryan Xu to get a feel for his ethos.

There are opportunities to ‘get in early’ to new blockchain projects, before they hit the market.

There is a highly active and ‘always on’ community in Telegram. Most questions are answered by Hyperfund support or a community member within seconds. You meet some amazing people.

If you’d like more information and an invite to HyperFund pop your email below and I’ll send it over.

Disclaimer: As with everything on this site, this article is for informational purposes only and is not investment advice. I simply share my experiences and my opinions for information. I am not a financial adviser and I am not providing investment advice. HyperFund is not a financial services company. These are high risk, new and unregulated markets. Please do your own research and due diligence; do not blindly follow anyone!

Also, if I told you exactly what I’d done during that January-April 2021 period it would be confusing, so please note that the information above is simplified/illustrative to make the math easier and the two programs (YieldNodes and HyperFund) slightly easier to compare; I didn’t just throw all my money in in one go, nor did I split the money equally with each program (I went 80% Hyperfund and 20% Yieldnodes – read why here!).

Get your HyperFund invite

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