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Furio crypto review & guide – utility, sustainability & free bonus airdrops

Furio crypto review & guide – utility, sustainability & free bonus airdrops

Could new crypto Furio ($FUR), an evolution of the popular Drip Network with real utility in the works, surprise us all and flourish in 2022? It may have a better chance than most…

When I started looking into, I didn’t expect much; I thought, ‘just another passive income crypto ponzi, I’ll take a look , invest a little, compare to Drip, then move on’ the time I was kinda just bored and looking for something to write about 

However, as I dug deeper I found myself spending a lot more time on it than I intended…I was kinda impressed They are much more than a Drip clone; Furio is built form the ground up and is developing an ecosystem with FurBet expected September/October 2022.

Furio is a new crypto with the ticker FUR that has evolved the Drip model and completely rewritten it with improved mechanics and sustainability measures. Like Drip, operates on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Furio Tl;dr

Participants in Furio can gain up to 2.5% a day (up to max 360% ROI) and compound it. They have multiple sustainability mechanisms to reward ‘good’ players and prevent whale dumps alongside real yield utility in the works.

  • Furio is deflationary.
  • The FUR token is paird with USDC.
  • They have #realyield utility launching Q4 2022 (FurBet).
  • There is no minimum investment. 
  • There are no joining fees.
  • Buy and sell tax is 10% (read on for more info on sustainability taxes).
  • Furio has an autocompound option.
  • You can play solo, or use a referral and possibly receive airdrops.
  • They have bonuses. I will distribute 100% to my ‘team’ (referred people).

I joined on 26th August 2022 at around $8.50 per token and I am experimenting with Furio. If you would like to join me, my referral is: (I pledge to give 100% of any team rewards to the team aka referrals!). For now, its just a bit of fun.

With no minimum $$$, Furio is accessible for anyone to try.

Furio quick start!

Let’s take a closer look…


As you probably already know, over the past year we have seen many passive income crypto tokens and projects come and go. Most of these were ‘node model’ (ponzi-esq) or high APY ‘rebase’ projects, both of which had high levels of inflation and sell pressure.

Some projects departed with grace and attempted to maintain honour, others outright rugged and a few are battling to survive by reducing rewards rates and completely changing business models.

One of the few that has continued without much change in their model is Drip Network, albeit with a significant price drop since the 2021 ATH (All Time Highs) of around $160 late January 2022. 

Then along came Furio in mid-2022.

 You are forgiven if at first glance you think Furio is simply a Drip clone.

But it isn’t…

What is Furio?

Furio is Drip on steroids and with a real yield ecoysystem that goes beyond any gamified referral and rehydration system.

It has similar mechanics to Drip in terms of compounding (‘rehydrating' in Drip) and team building, but it pays out much faster (up to 2.5% per day instead of 1%) IF you play the game right!

It has ecosystem utility in development, with Furbet expected September/October 2022.

Why I like Furio

First, Furio is fairly new but not super-new; i.e some of the associated risk has dissipated. It also hasn't experienced the extreme price action of Drip (ATH = $160, current price around $8), although to be fair; Furio launched in a bear market rather than one full of hype.

Furio price has been fairly reasonable since launch

They have amazing returns that rewards ‘good players’ and ‘team players’ (those who help others).

It also has whale tax and anti-dump measures that feed profits back into the ecosystem.

Whale tax – the more you extract, the more you give back!
Discourages building large vaults and dumping on the community

This makes the playing field much more fair. The only type of person who would be against these sort of features are those who are looking for a quick ‘pump n dump’.

Team or solo player?

Furio is designed to help people help others, however you can play solo. If you want to play solo, simply don't use a referral link or input a buddy when depositing. You won't avail of any bonuses or airdrops if you do this.

Personally, I’m liking the thought of sharing and giving 100% back to my team members (referrals).

Their referral system and bonus system is one of the fairest I have seen — it uses a ‘round robin’ technique, similar to Drip, whereby profits and bonuses are shared in a more fair manner. Team leaders of a certain size qualify for bonuses, however Furio stipulate that 75% or more of these bonuses must be distributed to team members. I like this! I commit to distributing the full 100% to persons in my ‘team‘.

Using this Round Robin System there is no incentive for self-referral and other bad practices.


If you want to join me, here’s the link:

The token is paired with USDC which makes it a lot more ‘stable’ than if it were paired with a non-stablecoin. It is also deflationary, which is a rare thing in passive income crypto.

I love the autocompounder for maximum passiveness.

Most importantly though, Furio is developing an ecosystem and, from September 2022 we will start seeing the release of some #realyield products as part of that ecosystem, notably FurBet.

As I dug in, I discovered all the above and more…

Fast-paced developments, a lively and passionate Discord community and real yield utility, all of which got my attention and thinking that, even if it currently operates on ponzinomics-style economics* Furio could be something big.🤔

  • * It's not direct ponzinomics (like ‘nodes'); rewards come from taxes, not new users…however the two things are obvs linked; without users there would be no taxes. Sounds a bit like global economics lol.

Up to 2.5% per day

Deposit FUR to Furio vault and they will return to you up to 2.5% every day until you have reached 360% ie. 360X what you deposited or 100,000 tokens.

Put simply, you would think; input 100 FUR and ultimately receive 360 FUR (with zero compounding). However, it's not that simple. There are many other considerations.

The 100,000 maximum tokens per payout per wallet limit is also there for sustainability and to prevent early persons (whales) being able to dump.

At it's most simple, it means 27,778 FUR should be the maximum total deposited into the vault, including compounds because the rewards stop at 100K max. Inputting any more than that would be a waste.

27,778 * 360% = 100,000.8

(max payout is 100,000)

Naturally, there are some mechanics and gameplay involved…and an unlimited amount of results depending on your actions and frequency. #notsosimple

Why am I on 1.75% & showing 1 claim?

You start at 1.75% per day and need to build up your streak or reputation over 28 days to hit 2.5%.

I assume the ‘1 claim' is just a UI bug (user interface / display issue) because usually it's only a claim that alters your rate – ie. every other “action” is a claim….so probably the initial deposit starting % just wasn't coded in to account for that within the UI.

As you can see, mine says “1” claim too (should be “0”).

Overview of Furio mechanics

It takes a bit of time to get your head around the mechanics so you can decide what strategy of play is best for you. That's one of the reasons I have only deposited a small sum to begin — so I can get a ‘hands on' feel for things.

  • You need a 28 day streak of not claiming to be on the top tier of 2.5% per day.
    • Compounding does not break your streak.
    • Claiming breaks your streak.
  • Rewards run in 24 hour cycles – if you do not do an action, the rewards pause.
    • An action is compounding or claiming.
  • There is an optional auto-compound feature that will compound rewards every 24 hours.
    • Whilst this is convenient, it is more expensive than doing it manually…however, it is very flexible.
  • The person who refers you can send you airdrop bonuses.
    • Team bonuses are also baked into the protocol and can be distributed as airdrops to team members.
  • There is a 10% tax on virtually every action (except compound)*.
    • Claim, buy (zero tax if bought via FurSwap), deposit, sell, transfer, airdrop…
    • There are additional whale taxes which kick in after 10,000 FUR have been claimed (an additional 5%) and increase in 10,000 increments. This is a good thing.
    • The anti-dump tax is 50% if you are selling more than 25% of what is in your vault. Again, this is a good thing for sustainability.

There is a 5% tax on compound. There are various anti-whale and anti-dump taxes as previously mentioned. All these various taxes are used for rewards.

As you can see, there are a lot of mechanics and thus a lot to consider.

Can I withdraw from the Furio vault?

Yes, however you can only withdraw your rewards, not the initial.

Withdraw rewards by clicking the “Claim” button.

Furio ‘passive’ income from day one

Don’t want to play the game? Want to keep things simple and just earn a fairly passive income?

Yes, you can do that too. Let’s take a crude look at how…

  • Compound 6 days, claim 1 day:
    • keeps you in the 1.75% per day bracket.
  • Compound 4 days, claim 2 days;
    • keeps you in the 1.25% per day bracket.
  • Compound 5 days, claim 3 days;
    • keeps you in the 1% per day bracket.
  • Claim every day;
    • you are in the bottom 0.5% per day bracket.

Any of these strategies (except claiming every day!)  provide you with an income stream and compound growth.

Plus, you can use the auto-compounder to make it much more passive…

Furio Autocompounder

Instead of logging in every day to compound (or claim), you can use the Auto-compound feature.

  • Select a number of periods (days) to run the autocompounder.
  • Pay the fee (currently 0.003 BNB per day).
  • The compounder starts running 24 hours after you pay the fee.

The compounder works independently and cannot be altered. The great thing about this is, you can still do other actions eg. you can still claim, you can still compound, you can still avail of any bonus claims —all it does is ensure you keep the rewards running.

However, there is of course a cost; at current gas rates, compounding manually costs around 0.0015 BNB….around half the price of the autocompounder. However, because BNB fees are so low, it makes it worthwhile in many cases.

Totally depends on your personal situation.

You can also use it for a short period of time if you wish. eg if you're going away for a week and don't want to be online, set it for 7 periods. When you come back, you can return to manual compounding.

Where do Furio rewards come from

At time of writing (early Sept 2022), all rewards currently come from the taxation system.

However, an ecosystem is under development and FurBet is expected to launch within the next couple of months — 25% of profits go to supporting Furio.

In future, the ecosystem such as Furbet will contribute to sustainability.

What is FurPool?

Furpool is a new addition LP (Liquidity Pool) to Furio, launched August 2022.

It is too big a feature to explain here in a few paragraphs — it's probably better for you to get into this after gaining familiarity with the Furio Vault and the ecosystem.

Briefly though, it offers APY of 50% (depending on lockup) and that is before the launch of the Furbet LMS (Liquidity Management System), which has been worked on with Horde and will likely see APYs go higher.

A bonus claim system is coming that will provide you with one free claim per week, directly into FurPool. More on that when it happens!

My Furio growth strategy

At it’s most simple. Compound for as long as possible. Once you hit 28 days streak of not claiming, keep it running by compounding daily…and run it right up to 27,778 $FUR – then start claiming.

That's how you would extract the maximum. And you can do it faster by building a team / referring.

Will I go all the way to 27,778 FUR tokens? TBH, I doubt it…I'll re-assess as we go.

Most likely, I'll compound 100% for a few months, then adopt a 6-1 system (withdraw one day per week) which would keep me at 1.75% per day. I might deposit more if I see progress in the ‘RealYield' aspects such as FurBet.

Ideally withdraw 6-1 at a time when price has increased and continue until I have initial out, possibly some extra. Then compound 100% again to hit that 2.5% per day and re-assess.

How can I get a Furio airdrop bonus?

Use my referral link and I will airdrop you a bonus directly to your vault!

How much depends on the amount you deposit and the value of FUR. For now, I can guarantee at least 5% up to a maximum of 5 FUR (around $50 at time of writing).

Only one ‘initial deposit’ bonus per person…more airdrop bonuses are available; just message me.

How to get started with Furio

If you've used MetaMask on BSC before, you'll find this easy. First, ensure you have USDC in your MetaMask wallet on Binance Smart chain. Then;

  1. Visit the Furio app and go to FurSwap.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Swap your USCD for FUR.

Don't deposit directly to vault unless you are sure you have your referral in place.


Now you have $FUR.

Next thing you need to do is deposit to FurVault…

  1. Visit the Furio app and go to FurVault.
  2. Connect wallet & deposit.
  3. Check your buddy id (mine is: 0x7c1f10D0852219c9B83b11232e45661EB3974634)

After a moment, your FUR will be deposited in the vault.

You will see your rewards accumulate shortly after.

I suggest joining the Discord and learning more about the features such as Autocompound (which I use to make things 99% passive).

A few things to note

Things are developing fast at Furio. Too fast to keep up and too much to post in one article. Here are a few things to note;

  • The contract is not yet been renounced; this allows them to make changes. Pros and cons to this obviously!
  • Audit has been carried out by Solidity: (all issues resolved).
  • There is no KYC or doxing by team yet.

As things progress, it would be nice to see some of the team become more public and dox. Eventually, we'd obvs like to see the contract renounced and/or additional security. None of these things are unusual for an early-stage crypto startup but they are things you should be aware of.


Firstly, apologies; this is the worst update/experiment ever — since joining I have had a lot going on and neglected Furio interms of digging in further, following their developments etc.

  • 31st Oct: All I am doing is compounding the vault, and checking in to deliver airdrops to people. At this time, I have not dug into any of their recent developments and products. Possibly I will look at it more in November. Their Discord is active, it seems they are producing and overall I'm pretty happy with it. However, taking into account the various taxes and actions, it is hard to compare with other projects. I feel the way they have developed their contracts/tokenomics is to ‘buy time' to develop the other features, which seems to be working; the token price sits around $5.50 which isn't bad when compared to the crypto market as a whole. My recommendation is to join Discord to keep up with developments.

Furio Summary

I started looking at Furio as something to compare for fun against Drip — see how they would fare in a bear market. Didn't really expect much other than a fork with some nicer graphics.

However, I was much more impressed with Furio than I expected. Thus, I invested more into Furio and less into Drip (so I can still do some sort of comparison in the future!).

There are obviously many risks involved, as with nearly every project, however with the mechanics they have in place, if the team keep developing and progressing as they have done so far, Furio could see a brighter future than most in terms of crypto passive income token and ecosystem. We’ll see how it goes….

If you'd like to join, here's my link: (no minimum deposit & I'll distribute 100% team rewards to the team)….or you can manually input my buddy address; 0x7c1f10D0852219c9B83b11232e45661EB3974634.

Either way, enjoy!

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