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Earn Money Online

Ways to earn money that provide more freedom than a 'job'

In most cases, the next step up from a remote job, is to earn money independently and on your own terms. This usually provides more freedom and flexibility than being an employee, however the investment levels in terms of time and/or money vary hugely for each of the methods.

There’s also the longer term plan to consider and I’d always go down the route of trying to develop a (or multiple!) passive income streams to supplement your income and eventually replace it. In order to decide what’s best for you, you need to do a bit of a situation analysis. Meanwhile check out these posts on how to earn money online whilst living or travelling in a van.

2022: Plans and Goals for a life of ultimate freedom

In October 2020 we had thoughts of converting a van and going travelling. We optimised the initial plan and made ‘passive income’ goals for 2021 which we smashed. Here are the goals and plan for 2022…

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van life income November 2021

A breakdown of my monthly work and income activity – from freelance, to passive!

Here is an overview breakdown of my work and income activity since October 2020. I’ll keep it updated each month until the end of 2021. …

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How to earn money with an Amazon Affiliate website (plus examples)

Amazon’s affiliate program is one of the most in-demand and lucrative ways of earning a fairly passive income. US spending alone on affiliate programs will …

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How to earn extra cash through matched betting while travelling

Matched betting (sometimes referred to as ‘back bet matching’) is a process used by people to make returns from free bets and the gambling incentives …

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How to make money with Amazon Merch (and van life T-shirts!)

For van life, making money with T-shirts or printed designs that need delivered may seem a hassle you would rather not get involved with, however …

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How to make more money as a Youtuber: 10 tips to increase views, subscribers and income

Youtube is one of the biggest sites in the world and a popular resource for van life journeys and van conversion tips and hacks. It …

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How to make passive income publishing books with Amazon Kindle & Audiobooks

Amazon Kindle offers a great way for people on the go to earn a living, especially if you enjoy writing. You can write eBooks on …

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😱 Crypto crash! How have my passive ‘crypto’ opportunities been affected?

There’s no doubt, crypto can be a rollercoaster, but what happened to my (crypto-based) passive opportunities when the 2021 Black Wednesday crypto crash hit in …

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The HyperVerse (HyperFund) vs YieldNodes – which is the best?

This is a review of my personal experience with Yieldnodes and Hyperfund (now known as The HyperVerse). If you’ve read other posts, you’ll already know …

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YieldNodes review - passive investment Van Life Income money

YieldNodes review – my experience and passive income results

As an opportunity for passive income, YieldNodes is one of my top 3 opportunities. As far as ‘passive’ goes, it’s about as close to 100% …

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How to make money online with surveys while travelling

One way you can earn a bit of extra cash while vaning around is through Online Surveys. It’s not going to earn you a fortune, …

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How to earn money from a van by teaching English

Have you ever dreamed of living the nomadic lifestyle? Full moon parties on remote islands of Thailand, a trip across Europe in a campervan, and …

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