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How to earn #vanlife money with crypto and blockchain

Having had experience in multiple income-generation methods, I feel there is currently no greater opportunity to grow wealth than those found in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency: my current top 3 passive income sources are crypto-related.

If you are new to crypto, I understand it can be daunting. However, there are learning curves with everything, so I encourage you to read and explore. Take your time to gain some knowledge before testing the waters. It doesn’t have to be complicated!

Tangible DAO, marketplace & TNFTs: invest in real-world assets & earn passive income | $TNGBL

Do you like the thought of investing in real-world assets such as property, fine wine, art and watches but don’t know where to begin? Fancy spreading your risk a bit and investing in assets that are not correlated to the crypto market? Tangible might be just what you’re looking for…

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Fiscus DAO: can $FISC become the highest-price crypto token with the greatest utility?

First up, Fiscus isn’t your typical “passive income” crypto or some flash-in-the-pan project. It’s big. Really big. And if you really want to get your head around it, it’s going to take some time. But it’s worth it!

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POKT Network – POKT nodes and PoktPool for passive income

What is Pocket Network and how can POKT nodes generate passive income? Let’s take a look and find out why these nodes are very different to other ‘passive income nodes’ you might be familiar with and how you can grow and compound without technical knowledge via PoktPool.

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Beginner guide to MetaMask inc hardware wallets and how to add other networks such as AVAX, BSC, MATIC etc

Get started with MetaMask, including where a hardware wallet fits in and how to add Ethereum-compatible networks such as Avalanche (AVAX), Fantom (FTM), Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon (MATIC).

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Weave financial $WEAVE: high yield crypto passive income for experts and beginners

Weave was one of 3 tokens I mentioned being excited about for 2022 in my December 2021 roundup. At the time, it had only soft-launched …

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Aubit Freeway Supercharger review ($FWT): up to 50% APY on ‘stablecoins’ & more

At some point on your crypto passive income journey, you’re going to want to consider “stable” forms income. Aubit’s Freeway Superchargers might just be the answer. Here’s how they work & my experience…

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Project X nodes passive income

Crypo passive income: What is Project X? ($PXT nodes) How to create a node & more…

Project X is a passive income crypto that has 100 founding members and launched in December 2021 using a ‘nodes’ model on Avalanche network. It …

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My MetaMask got hacked and I don’t know how!

Happy New Year! 🍾 🎉 Not. ☹️ This is more of a warning post than anything; get yourself a hardware wallet (and ideally set it …

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Masternodes for passive income: Beacon BECN

As one of my diversification methods I decided to invest in two Beacon (BECN) masternodes. This is a high-risk investment as the coin has a …

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Flits app: a simple way to make passive income with masternodes

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know I have a strong preference (🤣 💪) for simplicity. And whilst I’m not adverse to setting up a VPS or running a few command lines to deploy a node, I’d prefer not to. Enter, Flits — an app…

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Things to be aware of when buying micro-cap cryptos

I’ve realised that ‘at a glance’ it looks like a lot of my crypto portfolio is in micro-caps: it isn’t! The majority is in mid-large caps. However, incase you are interested in micro-caps, here are some things to be aware of (it’s very different than buying Bitcoin!)…

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olympusDAO OHM

OHM – Olympus DAO: a source of passive income?

If you’re looking for something that might be a source of passive income that is ‘pure crypto’ and has a lower entry point than some other opportunities such as Strong nodes, then Olympus DAO ($OHM) might…

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